Teched Eilat – Summary & Thoughts

April 10, 2008

TechEd Eilat is over. I am sitting at the train station at Ben-Gurion Airport, there is a wireless connection and not less important an electricity outlet (those who know me, know that my laptop needs a power plant). I have many good things to tell about the TechEd and some not so good. It was fun as always, as opposed to Tamir, I know that most of the lecturers invested so much time in their preparations. I am happy that all the lecturers from Sela did a great job and that the feedbacks that we get from people...

2500 NIS are waiting…

April 7, 2008

If you are a developer and you think that you are smart, you can win 2500 NIS. Just answer enough questions from the quiz that Sela's representatives are giving away. Since there aren't many people who can answer those questions, you have a really good chance to win!!!                  
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Back to the Future – Summary of my lecture at Tech-Ed Eilat

Technorati Tags: COM+,WCF,Architecture,C++,SOA,.NET For all of you who have been at my lecture I hope that you enjoyed and that you have learned few new things, If you didn't get my message, here is a summary: Think about the future, the present is the past of the future. Invest in the architecture. Decoupling is the name of the game, always was and always will be. Know your framework roadmap. New technologies make decoupling easier. ...
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337 – ORPC to SOA or as I call it Back to the Future, Tomorrow morning

April 6, 2008

If you are in Tech-Ed Eilat, remember to come to my lecture on Monday 7/4 at 09:45, Topaz Opel room, Hilton. Why do you want to be there: I will take you to a time travel You will see plenty of technologies speak together: C++, ATL, COM, COM+, VB Script, C#, Enterprise Services, WCF, Windows WF, .NET Remoting, ASP.NET ASMX I use the OLE DB Template technology to access database in ATL I Use LINQ to SQL technology to access database in C# And I use WPF in my client code! I will show you some real magic If you want to move to WCF (.NET 3.x)...
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