TechEd Israel 2008 – Xbox Guitar Hero Adopts Strong Authentication Approach

8 באפריל 2008

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What is the worst nightmare for successful software vendor? Piracy. Unauthorized copies may ruin most successful software company. Xbox Guitar Hero solved this problem – you cannot play a game without the guitar itself.


by ckirkman

Copying software is easy, manufacturing the whole piece of tangible product like the guitar is not that easy.

Is this new idea or what?

No, the idea is pretty old and in security space it is called two factor authentication (or strong authentication). In a nutshell it means in order to authenticate one needs to provide two types of credentials – something I know like password and something I have like smart card.

It was first time I played Guitar Hero (in fact it was first time I played Xbox, in fact it was first time played game console…). I consider seriously buying one home, I hope MS company store offers discounts on the game for its employees.

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