Thech-Ed Israel 2008 – Performance Sins

6 באפריל 2008

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During TechEd Israel 2008 I am giving a talk on Performance Development Lifecycle to developer leads community. Main theme of the talk is carrying out performance practices throughout development lifecycle. The other theme is sticking to performance frame to make performance engineering efforts more effective.

As more I invest into best practices around performance I can clearly draw a line between software engineering and life.

Here is timely example. One of the core principles of performance engineering is properly handle exceptions to avoid resource starvation.

Let's apply it to life. What would you do if you get this screen of your VPC that holds all demos right before presentation? Sort of bad luck, life exception…


The guideline for better performance is to avoid catching unnecessary exception. So  I did. Just ignored it, set up another VPC image copied all the demos and moved on. Why wasting energy and time on cursing?…

See you on my session "10 Deadly Performance Sins and How To Avoid IT", King Solomon hotel, big ballroom, 11:30.

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