Full Disclosure

12 בינואר 2007

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I was tagged by JD Meier as part of blog-tag chain. So here is my full disclosure for 5 things about me:

  1. I was born in Soviet Union (Da, Russian is my mother tongue). I speak fluently Hebrew, English, and learn French when in traffic jam listening to this disk
  2. First and the last time I played such pyramid game was when I was 13. I asked my father for ten rubles, put it in envelop and sent it to some address hoping it will come back as 1000 rubles. It did not…
  3. I am a big fun of stout like Guinness and Murphy's and also love Czech beer like Starobrno and Kozel
  4. I was doing Judo since I was 13 to 20 so I think we can set a match with JD to check his Thai kickboxing skills next time I am on Redmond campus.
  5. I think that Duke Nukem is 3d game of all times. I wish it'd be available on XBOX

"I'm Duke Nukem, and I'm coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!"


So here are my blog-tagged hommies: Yosi, Eliaz, Ohad, Eyal, Gadi

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