Windows Phone Mango–What’s New? (“Profiler” – Part 9 of 8)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This post is a “missing part” of series about new features in Windows Phone Mango New and very important feature of Windows Phone “Mango” Developer Tools is the profiler. The profiler enables the developers of Silverlight applications (currently only Silverlight scenarios are supported) to sense important heartbeats of the application and collect information about application behavior at runtime. To measure the performance or the application, navigate to Debug menu option and select Start Windows Phone Performance Analysis: Visual Studio provides the developer with configuration setting screen which enables him to define some profiling settings, like drawing details, depth of stack frames...

Windows Phone Mango–What’s New? (“New Sensors & Tooling Enhancements” – Part 3 of 8)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Windows Phone devices are modern devices. As such, they usually have few sensors such as built-in accelerometer, A-GPS, light sensor, magnetometer, etc. Windows Phone minimum hardware spec requires that all Windows Phone will have at least 4 of them – A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass and Light sensors. While accelerometer and A-GPS were available for developers with first version of Windows Phone, there are some new sensors which were added with Mango. The hardware market is not standing still, thus we could see much advanced sensors coming out on the modern phone models. Some of those sensors (like gyro for example)...

Windows Phone 7 Quick Tip: How to use Bing Maps in XNA games

Friday, October 22, 2010

A few days ago, a colleague of mine pointed out to this site which shows a Bing Maps usage within XNA game. I was intrigued how to achieve it… I know that Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7 could use Bing Maps control (see great usage tutorial here), but XNA games cannot render Silverlight controls… To solve it, I decided to use a different approach for XNA – download image tiles and present them in XNA game. Let’s get started. First, in order to use Bing Maps API you need a Bing Maps Account and Application Private Key. The Bing Maps...

Teaser: Multi-Screen

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something big is coming… Imagine PC, imagine phone, imagine game console… Image all of them playing same game… Imagine player with phone playing versus player on console or player on PC… Imagine player starting the game in public transport at the way home and resuming it after arriving home on the console… Imagine that everything is possible…   Just imagine… and enjoy the photo meanwhile :) Stay tuned for more to come!   Enjoy, Alex

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7: Push Notifications (Part 2 of 2)

Monday, July 12, 2010

In previous post I described how to build server part of push notification mechanism for Windows Phone 7. This time I’ll show how to handle push notifications on the phone. To demonstrate it I created pretty simple Silverlight application for Windows Phone. The UI of this application looks like the follows: Lets see how the push mechanism is implemented. Phone API defines a class, which responsible for push notifications: HttoNotificationChannel. This class is responsible for subscribing to events and receiving those messages once they arrives. Phone registers to such channel with channel name (and optionally service name). Once channel is...

Silverlight 4 – Open House

Silverlight 4 coming to the North (of Israel)! Tomorrow afternoon I’ll hold an open house about Silverlight 4 for Haifa and surroundings based developers. The open house will take a place in Philips building (building No. 34) at MATAM (Haifa industrial area). Registration is FREE but required (subject to free sitting places availability and auditorium capacity). More information and registration proceed here. Thanks to Sela Group and Philips Israel to organize it!   Cool samples, live coding and Q&A session promised :)     See you there tomorrow! ...

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh Available

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP refresh available! This build is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 RTM! For those who are in Silverlight development – from now it is possible to develop Silverlight 4 applications with Silverlight 4 RTW and Windows Phone 7 applications with this CTP refresh.   The download location here. Make sure you are reading what’s new document here and Release Notes (from download location). Additional information about changes could be found here.   Enjoy! Alex

Silverlight 4 Available

Friday, April 16, 2010

Silverlight 4 finally here!!! It works with Visual Studio 2010 RTM! All downloads you need to start developing great line of business applications: Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Blend 4 RC here Silverlight 4 Toolkit (April 2010)   For those who are in Windows Phone 7 development: Do not install this build! If you need to develop for Windows Phone 7 stay with Silverlight 4 RC build and Visual Studio 2010 RC. The update for Windows Phone 7 tools is not ready yet and will be available in a few...