Silverlight 3 Quick Tip: Multitouch support on Windows 7

Friday, July 10, 2009

Silverlight 3 supports Multitouch on Windows 7. Touch class –provides input information and resides in System.Windows.Input namespace “FrameReported” event - fired when touch action occurs. Event arguments provide the following info: Timestamp: identify the touch event by time GetTouchPoints function (over specific UI Element) GetPrimaryTouchPoint function (over specific UIElement) SuspendMousePromotionUntilTouchUp function GetTouchPoints returns TouchPointCollection In TouchPointCollection first point in the collection is the PrimaryPoint. Each member in collection is TouchPoint. TouchPoint provides following...

Silverlight 3: Hebrew and Arabic Support

Since I’m constantly getting many questions about Hebrew and Arabic support and also huge amount of requests to provide/support it, I’ve updated the SilverlightRTL project at codeplex to support Silverlight 3. The project homepage here. Latest release for Silverlight 3 RTW is here.   The updated source also includes sample application to demonstrate Bidi controls usage and comparison with standard core controls with Hebrew and Arabic:     Enjoy, Alex