Utility: Extmap Maker v1.1

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quite some time ago, I wrote small utility which helped to create external map manifest file for Silverlight assemblies. This manifest is needed to enable XAP reduction feature (you can read more about it here). I have been told, that the utility is not working with assemblies compiled with Silverlight 5, so I decided to update it. The new version compatible with Silverlight 3, 4 & 5 assemblies. Please note, that new version requires .NET 4.0 Client profile in order to work. Updated version can be downloaded from here.   Stay tuned, Alex


Thursday, March 24, 2011

This year (3rd or 4th time in row) I’m attending MIX11 conference in Las Vegas. The conference takes place at Mandaly Bay Hotel April 12-14, 2011. The pre-conference boot camps are taking place April 11. If you want to meet and/or ask some Silverlight, XNA and Windows Phone 7 related questions I will be around from April 11. Also, 11 more colleagues from Sela (top rated senior .NET consultants) will be around – I could connect you with them! Drop me a message via Contact Form or tweet me @DevCorner.    ...

Thoughts about application packaging, Resources, MVVM and others

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I thought a lot before decided to write this post… First - I’d like to thanks Ariel Ben Horesh for “inspiring” me to write this post and for dedicating so much time to write his post! After reading his post I thought a lot and my thoughts about the post are the follows: 1. First, I thought about the applications and the way to provide user with best experience while loading those applications… The users shouldn’t wait minutes for application to download… While authoring large Silverlight applications (MVVM or not) the author should consider to split...

Silverlight at Windows Phone 7

Monday, March 15, 2010

Microsoft announced today, that new Windows Phone 7 Series will support Silverlight as one of 2 development frameworks. Second development framework will be XNA (will blog about it later). So, what’s new for Silverlight developers there? First, we have familiar tools: Windows Phone applications with Silverlight will be developed either with Visual Studio 2010, either with new “express” version called Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. This “express” version will enable development with both frameworks (Silverlight and XNA). Full Visual Studio 2010 will also get new project types to develop with both frameworks. ...

News: Silverlight TV

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silverlight TV channel airing on Channel 9! The mission of Silverlight TV is to provide premium Silverlight content through exclusive interviews with the members of the Silverlight product teams, partners and community leaders. You can watch the first episode right here where Keith Smith (Silverlight Group Program Manager), along with host John Papa (Silverlight Evangelist), discuss Silverlight 4's out-of-browser applications right here.   Key links for Silverlight TV ...

PDC09 – Day 2 – Keynotes – Live blogging

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PDC09 – Day 2 – Keynotes – Live blogging Like yesterday we are sitting in amazing place 8 row just in front of the stage creating a homorganic row of blue shirts (There is a power in numbers). Even that this happened after an hour of the keynotes I need to put this first : FREE LAPTOP !!! Steven just Announced that we all going to get a FRESH NEW LAPTOP from Acer to all. The crowed just jumped out of their chairs for that. When we first come to the...

Silverlight Tip: Enumerating embedded resources

Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I’ve got a “Call for Help” from one of Silverlight MVPs – Bill Reiss. The mail said: “I would like to enumerate all items that were marked as Content or Resource in the main XAP file. If I can’t do both I’d settle for one. Any sample code for this would be greatly appreciated. Bill”   I decided to help with embedded resources, because I did something like this in WPF. I’ve created sample application, which will display a list of resources in list box – from here it...

Silverlight Quick Tip: How to get localized resources from RESX file in code behind

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It looks like I’m using too much resources and localizing too much applications lately :) This time I’ll show how to use localized resources from the RESX files. Here I already explained how to create the RESX files for Silverlight (by the way the article is relevant also for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 & Silverlight 3), and how to use those resources from XAML. In some cases, though, it is needed to use those resources from code behind. In my scenario I had to create value converter, which converts some Boolean value to string representation and for...

Silverlight Quick Tip: ChildWindow Title Customization

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I discovered nice feature of ChildWindow control in Silverlight 3. I was at client’s location and been asked about the ChildWindow title customization with an icon. I had to admit, that I never tried to put something different than text and immediately looked at the type of Title property. For my surprise I found that the property is an “object”, and assumed that it could behave as a ContentPresenter/ContentControl. After 5 minutes I had the client’s request solved: My code is very simple: <controls:ChildWindow x:Class="DevCorner.Samples.ChildWindow.SampleChildWindow" ...

Silverlight Quick Tip: Dynamically Updating Class Fields/Properties

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In previous post (here) I blogged about displaying values of class/control in runtime and displaying them in Visual Studio - like property window. Today I’ll show how to push them back to the class instance. In previous post I’ve stored values in “ObservableCollection<FieldsPropertiesData>” for easy databinding and connected this ListBox control. In order to get user input I’ve created TwoWay databinding in DataTemplate – here is updated data template: <Style TargetType="local:FiledPropertyData"> <Setter Property="Template"> <Setter.Value> <ControlTemplate TargetType="local:FiledPropertyData"> <Grid ToolTipService.Placement="Mouse" Width="{TemplateBinding Width}"> ...