Sela Developer Practice–December 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Announcing – Sela Developer Practice conference (third time) will take time at Crown Plaza hotel (Tel Aviv, Israel) and the SELA headquarters (Bnei-Brak, Israel) on December 4-8, 2011. This year the conference will focus mostly on Windows 8 and other hot announcements made during //BUILD conference earlier this year at Anaheim, CA. During Sela Developer Practice (SDP) this year, Sela experts and special guests from Microsoft Israel (Guy Burstein and Maor David-Pur) will talk about new features in Windows 8, Visual Studio 2011, .NET Framework v4.5 and other hot technology topics. First conference day...
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My Session at UNETAPlus

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Few hours ago I delivered a session about creating Silverlight/XNA hybrid applications for Windows Phone Mango. I like to thank all the participants – you were great and I had a great pleasure to present for such quality audience. I loved the questions and the conversation after the session. The slides deck I used for presentation can be download from the here.   As promised, the demo applications also published and can be downloaded from the following locations: Demo #1 is here. Demo #2...

WP7 Acceleration Week in Microsoft Israel R&D Center

Monday, May 16, 2011

Seems this week dedicated to announcements because I have additional announcement to made! Next week I will deliver many Windows Phone 7 & Windows Phone “Mango” sessions as a part of “WP7 Acceleration Week”.   The week agenda is as follows: Sunday, May 22nd 09:00-13:30 · Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp and Demo – An overview of the Windows Phone 7 platform and its abilities. Presented by Sela. · Mobile Application UI – Principles of good mobile UI. Presented by Balora. · Introduction to WP7 Metro UI – An in-depth...

Upcoming Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone “Mango” and Advanced Silverlight Trainings in Redmond

Friday, May 13, 2011

I have a confession – I’m very excited those days! In 3 weeks I’m flying to Redmond, WA to deliver 3 new brand courses for advanced software developers. I will present “First Look” material about hottest topics (IMO) for developer community: 1. Advanced Windows Phone 7 2. Windows Phone “Mango” 3. Advanced Silverlight These trainings will all be held at Bellevue College campus the week of June 6-10, 2011. For information regarding this series, including registration information, please visit the following links: Windows Phone “Mango” – What’s...

MIX11–Day 2

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second day started with Keynotes. Two hours of cool demos, upcoming Windows Phone 7 features show-up, Silverlight 5 Beta announcement, and upcoming Kinect SDK announcement. Finally ScottGu announced that all attendees are getting Kinect! Good present and very smart marketing move – I knowpersonally at least 3 attendees who have to buy Xbox360 now The rest of my day was full of recently announced Windows Phone 7 “Mango” sessions – Overview, Fast application switching, Mango tools enhancements,  Windows Phone Mango platform architecture, Multitasking. Last MIX day I will go for the rest of Windows Phone...

MIX11–Day 1

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some updates of first day I had at MIX11: Keynotes 2 main speakers at the keynotes presented the recent achievements in IE9 and Visual Studio since last MIX. Dean presented beautiful HTML 5 demos and introduced IE10 preview. The version available for download from this location. Scott presented new additions to MVVM and EF4.1. HTML5 for Silverlight Developers (Georgio Sardo) This session meant to help the Silverlight developers (like myself) to understand the world of HTML5. Georgio did really great job to create a parallels between Silverlight and HTML5 features, presented with capabilities of HTML5...
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Silverlight 4 Open House and Microsoft Israel and Sela HQ

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday I had 2 great open houses – first at Microsoft Israel and second at Sela HQ. Thanks for all participants! I really enjoyed to present Silverlight 4 before such nice audience! I really enjoyed the Q&A session ah the end of the meeting. If you have more questions – keep them coming!   As promised, I’m posting the link to demo for your convince. Localized and Styled LOB sample application here.   See you next time! Alex

TechEd Israel 2010 – “XNA Game Studio 4.0: Code Once, Play Everywhere”– Session Slides and Code

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yesterday I presented a session dedicated to games in Dev Track of TechEd Israel 2010. Thanks for all participants – it was a great honor to present for you! The session slides hosted here. The sample I wrote hosted here. Hope you enjoyed the session, will be glad for your feedback Alex

PDC10–thoughts a minute after it finished

Sunday, October 31, 2010

PDC10 is over. Now it is a time to think about how it was and summarize the experience. For me it was very special PDC. It was very special because of two things: First – I delivered a session during the PDC Workshop! My session was about XNA Game Development for Windows Phone 7. Thanks for all participants – it was a great honor to present for you. The sample I’ve presented during the demo hosted here. The samples I’ve presented from the phone are the part of XNA Creators Club Education Content. They could be...

PDC10 Workshop Session

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tomorrow I’m flying to Redmond, WA to take a part at PDC10. I believe it will be very special PDC and not only because of its location.   PDC10 Workshop taking place on October 30th, the day after PDC10. During this day I’ll present at “Beginning XNA Development for Windows Phone 7” session. My session slot is from 14:00-15:00, right after the lunch :)   If you lucky to be at PDC10, staying a day after it ends and want to learn how to start XNA development, when use XNA and when Silverlight on Windows...