Silverlight for Symbian goes RTM

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Microsoft just announced the general availability of Silverlight for Symbian. This brings the Silverlight experience to the 20+ million users of Nokia S60 5th edition Nokia 5800 XPressMusic and Nokia N97 devices. Highlighted features in this product are: Media: Hardware assisted Media playback of H.264 content. This gives a great media viewing experience using full hardware decode and hardware post processing. IIS Smooth Streaming: Enables users to access live and on demand media content streamed using IIS Smooth...

Silverlight 4 Available

Friday, April 16, 2010

Silverlight 4 finally here!!! It works with Visual Studio 2010 RTM! All downloads you need to start developing great line of business applications: Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Blend 4 RC here Silverlight 4 Toolkit (April 2010)   For those who are in Windows Phone 7 development: Do not install this build! If you need to develop for Windows Phone 7 stay with Silverlight 4 RC build and Visual Studio 2010 RC. The update for Windows Phone 7 tools is not ready yet and will be available in a few...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip: Analytics

Friday, July 10, 2009

Silverlight 3 has new feature which should help us to understand how good our application performs. This feature is Analytics class. It Has 2 read-only properties AverageProcessLoad – average CPU used by this process across all the cores AverageProcessorLoad – average CPU usage across all cores In addition it has GpuCollection collection with objects of GpuInformation type. Each one of GpuInformation object provides information about: DeviceId – device ID of the GPU VendorId – vendor ID of the GPU DriverVersion – video drivers version   Quick usage sample – show...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip: Out Of Browser Settings

In MIX 09 Beta build of Silverlight 3, when we wanted to enable out-of-browser experience, we had to edit manually AppManifest.xml. Now for Silverlight 3 projects in Visual Studio 2008 we got the out of browser settings helper dialog box The dialog will be saved in “OutOfBrowserSettings.xml” and this file contents will be merged on compile time to the AppManifest.xml. For hardcore programmers, who wants to write every single piece of the application without wizards/helpers – you still could use AppManifest.xml with valid declarations :)   Enjoy, ...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip: Multitouch support on Windows 7

Silverlight 3 supports Multitouch on Windows 7. Touch class –provides input information and resides in System.Windows.Input namespace “FrameReported” event - fired when touch action occurs. Event arguments provide the following info: Timestamp: identify the touch event by time GetTouchPoints function (over specific UI Element) GetPrimaryTouchPoint function (over specific UIElement) SuspendMousePromotionUntilTouchUp function GetTouchPoints returns TouchPointCollection In TouchPointCollection first point in the collection is the PrimaryPoint. Each member in collection is TouchPoint. TouchPoint provides following...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip: Browser Zoom Support

New version of Silverlight 3 supports zoom events from the hosting browser environment. “Zoomed” event is the new event in Content static object, and the current browser’s zoom factor in “ZoomFactor” property of the Content object:   App.Current.Host.Content.Zoomed += (s, e) => {     //Browser’s Zoom in:App.Current.Host.Content.ZoomFactor; };   Enjoy, Alex

Silverlight 3: Hebrew and Arabic Support

Since I’m constantly getting many questions about Hebrew and Arabic support and also huge amount of requests to provide/support it, I’ve updated the SilverlightRTL project at codeplex to support Silverlight 3. The project homepage here. Latest release for Silverlight 3 RTW is here.   The updated source also includes sample application to demonstrate Bidi controls usage and comparison with standard core controls with Hebrew and Arabic:     Enjoy, Alex

Silverlight 3 is RTW!!!

As expected, Silverlight 3 runtime is online via official homepage! Downloading… Installing… The RTM version has build number:   Download links: Silverlight 3 tools for Visual Studio 2008  here. Blend 3 + SketchFlow (60 days trail) available here. DeepZoom composer here. Silverlight Toolkit July 2009 here. RIA Services July 2009 here.     Download and enjoy! Alex
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