Silverlight TreeView and String-To-PathGeometry Converter projects updated to RC0 syntax

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've updated Silverlight TreeView control and  with RC0 changes. Both projects has couple community requested changes. For example, TreeView supports DoubleClick and Single click on node and String-To_PathGeometry Converter supports multiple figures in Path string. Latest sources/build could be downloaded from here (TreeView) and here (String-To-PathGeometry Converter).   Enjoy, Alex

Silverlight 2 RC0 available

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Microsoft has released RC0 developer preparation release. This release is for preparing current Silverlight 2 projects to RTW which will be released later this year. The release files (Visual Studio Tools, Blend, etc.) could be downloaded from here. One important note: This release should not be used for launching Silverlight 2 applications for the general public, so if you have publicly available Silverlight application you should wait for RTW. Most detailed information of new features, breaking changes and everything else could be found at Scott Guthrie's blog.   Enjoy and stay tuned for RTW, Alex