Silverlight 5 Beta

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silverlight 5 Beta availability just announced by ScottGu! To try the beta follow this link and download the tools. Optionally download Blend 4 for Silverlight 5 preview from this location. Note: to install Silverlight 5 Beta you need to updated your Visual Studio 2010 with SP1. The major improvements in Silverlight 5 are: Hardware Decode and presentation of H.264 encoded videos Improves performance for lower-power devices to render high-definition video using GPU support ...
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MIX11–Day 1

Some updates of first day I had at MIX11: Keynotes 2 main speakers at the keynotes presented the recent achievements in IE9 and Visual Studio since last MIX. Dean presented beautiful HTML 5 demos and introduced IE10 preview. The version available for download from this location. Scott presented new additions to MVVM and EF4.1. HTML5 for Silverlight Developers (Georgio Sardo) This session meant to help the Silverlight developers (like myself) to understand the world of HTML5. Georgio did really great job to create a parallels between Silverlight and HTML5 features, presented with capabilities of HTML5...
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

This year (3rd or 4th time in row) I’m attending MIX11 conference in Las Vegas. The conference takes place at Mandaly Bay Hotel April 12-14, 2011. The pre-conference boot camps are taking place April 11. If you want to meet and/or ask some Silverlight, XNA and Windows Phone 7 related questions I will be around from April 11. Also, 11 more colleagues from Sela (top rated senior .NET consultants) will be around – I could connect you with them! Drop me a message via Contact Form or tweet me @DevCorner.    ...

Silverlight 5 before MIX11?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I just got an email, that MIX11 registration is now open. For my complete surprise I discovered very interesting pre-conference (a day before conference begins) boot camp – Silverlight 5 Boot Camp: Does this means that Silverlight 5 will be revealed before this conference? Typo? What do you think?   Stay tuned, Alex

PDC10–thoughts a minute after it finished

Sunday, October 31, 2010

PDC10 is over. Now it is a time to think about how it was and summarize the experience. For me it was very special PDC. It was very special because of two things: First – I delivered a session during the PDC Workshop! My session was about XNA Game Development for Windows Phone 7. Thanks for all participants – it was a great honor to present for you. The sample I’ve presented during the demo hosted here. The samples I’ve presented from the phone are the part of XNA Creators Club Education Content. They could be...