Microsoft Official HTML5 Course

Thursday, March 15, 2012

During last few months I was co-authoring the Microsoft Official Course (MOC) named “HTML5 programming” with my colleagues at Sela - Noam Kfir and Gil Fink. About a month ago I delivered a first Beta of this course in Redmond, WA and finally the course is scheduled to be published on April 20, 2012. It was a very intensive experience with tight deadlines but we made it and the course is on its way for publishing. A few details about the course: It is three-day instructor-led course. ...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta – What’s New (Part 1/11)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long awaited Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Win8 CP) just released! It is not come alone, but accompanied with Visual Studio 11 Beta (VS11)! Both products available for download. The links are: Win8 CP download is available here. Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Windows 8 download available here. So what’s new for developers? First think you will meet right after installing VS11 is facelift. Compare – VS2010 & VS11: VS11 got Metro-ish face lift! The icons are flat and grey, windows got flat look and feel...

Meet me at BUILD

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BUILD/Windows approaching fast. As previous years with PDC, also this time SELA sends around 20 top experts to BUILD. I will be there also If you want to meet me or someone of other SELA experts to discuss some exciting news I’m sure we are going to get at BUILD (or just say “Hi”) feel free to send me a tweet @DevCorner.   See you at BUILD, Alex

Silverlight Tip: Object Creation via Silverlight.js – IE8 & FireFox tweak

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yesterday, when I arrive to the office my colleague (same one from this post) waited for me at the entry with new question/problem. That’s what I heard: - Hi Alex. I have a problem with my Silverlight application under FireFox – it is not being displayed on page! In IE(7) everything works fine, and in the FF is event not shown… :( - Well – I said – let’s see… I’ve got the sources from the company source server, launched the application on my machine IE(8) and got very “wired” sized application and on...

Quick Silverlight Tip: Define control style dynamically

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lately I've been asked a couple of time by client how to provide certain level of customization for their Silverlight application. In many cases they want to provide their client with ability to change styles/templates in application or part of it. Another common request, is to provide an ability to use external style definitions. Here the quick tip on how it could be achieved. I'll build really simple solution, which uses WebService to provide external style definition as loose XAML file and will apply it to XAML object. Also, my simple solution will receive some style definition as a...

Quick Silverlight Tip: Creating/Destroying Silverlight 2 Object dynamically

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One of my clients asked me how to create and show (and then destroy) Silverlight application on the fly. Here is very fast solution, which allows such an object to be created and destroyed. First, we (still) need to have some DIV which will hold the object. Here is my sample page HTML: 1: <body> 2: <!-- Runtime errors from Silverlight will be displayed here. 3: This will contain debugging information and should be removed or hidden when debugging is completed --> ...

Quick Silverlight Tip: Silverlight Events in JavaScript and JavaScript Events in Silverlight

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lately I've been asked couple of times about catching managed events in JavaScript and catching JavaScript events in Silverlight managed code. In fact it is very easy, but seems not so obvious... Here it goes. To catch JavaScript event in Silverlight managed code, all your application need to do is to "attach" to event from some HtmlElement you have on hosting page and define some managed EventHandler to handle the event. Sample page as it was auto generated by Visual Studio 2008, MyApplicaitionTestPage.html. All I added to this test case is HTML button: 1: <input...

Quick Silverlight Tip: "InitializeError #2103 – Invalid or malformed application" what is it and how to deal with it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today I've seen very strange and unpleasant error while trying to run some freshly created Silverlight application. It said: Code# 2103 Invalid or malformed application: Check manifest Fast search by popular search engines gave me this and this places, but everything mentioned there I've already knew or tried before... So what is it? Let's see what it was and how it was solved. Let's reproduce it.   I'm creating new Silverlight 2 project, compiled it it works... My simplest project looks like follows (every button click just adds "!" to Button.Content):   Everything works fine, until I decided...

Silverlight application performance – refresh rate & CPU usage

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You just wrote great Silverlight application? How about CPU usage? Do you have pretty static application UI and it still consumes 25-30% of your CPU? Probably you have to control how fast Silverlight should redraw the UI. To do it, you need to specify MaxFrameRate property in object initialization, like follows: 1: <asp:Silverlight ID="Xaml1" runat="server" 2: Source="~/ClientBin/ShowFPS.xap" 3: MinimumVersion="2.0.30523" 4: Width="100%" Height="100%" ...

Silverlight Tip: How to reflect ScriptObject content in runtime

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today I want to show how Silverlight application could "understand" which objects form HTML DOM from hosting page it deals with. The minute before I start, let me show why many of Silverlight developers need it. Lets assume we have some simple HTML/ASPX page, with some JavaScript functionality and JavaScript objects, like follows: 1: <html xmlns="" style="height:100%;"> 2: <head runat="server"> 3: <title>Test Page For ScriptReflector</title> 4: 5: <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> 1: ...