Silverlight 4 @WDC

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks for all participants at WDC monthly meeting! I really enjoyed to present Silverlight 4 before such nice audience! I really enjoyed the Q&A session ah the end of the meeting. If you have more questions – keep them coming! As promised, I’m posting the links for demos and presentation for your convince. Presentation slides are here. You could see them online (guess what – pure Silverlight presentation) at my home page:   Demo #1 – Webcam, Printing, Install OOB here. Demo #2 – Elevated OOB here ...

DevAcademy 4

Thursday, February 25, 2010

DevAcademy 4 is coming at March 22, at Airport City near Lod (local event). Come and see me presenting new features of Silverlight 4! At this session I’ll new line of business (LOB) related features of Silverlight 4, improved out of browser model, native automation and much more. Great time and many cool samples involved.   My session is: What’s new in Silverlight 4   Other sessions list (draft) is here. Registration is open! Register here. Hope to see you there! Alex

Silverlight 3: Hebrew and Arabic Support

Friday, July 10, 2009

Since I’m constantly getting many questions about Hebrew and Arabic support and also huge amount of requests to provide/support it, I’ve updated the SilverlightRTL project at codeplex to support Silverlight 3. The project homepage here. Latest release for Silverlight 3 RTW is here.   The updated source also includes sample application to demonstrate Bidi controls usage and comparison with standard core controls with Hebrew and Arabic:     Enjoy, Alex