What’s New in Windows Phone 8 (2 out of 8)–Lock Screen

October 31, 2012

In previous post I described how to enrich user experience by customizing application tiles. In this post I will show how to enable your application to present some information on phone’s lock screen. In Windows Phone 8 applications could provide 3 pieces of info on lock screen: application’s icon, count and text. On screenshot below my sample application provides icon, count and some text: If application selected by user, the lock screen could show app icon defined in app manifest, count and text pulled directly from the application's primary tile. The secondary tiles does not...

What’s New in Windows Phone 8 (1 out of 8)–Tiles

October 30, 2012

One of the most noticeable feature of Windows Phone 8 is change of main screen with 3 different tile types: Each tile could be one out from 3 types available sizes – small, normal and wide. Also, each type could be form 3 different types – Iconic, Flip and Cycle. All 3 sizes and all 3 types are available for 3rd party developers. Let’s see how to use this interesting feature in the application. So what are the sizes? The sizes are: Small Medium Wide ...

Windows Phone 8 SDK available

Just announced at BUILD keynotes – Windows Phone 8 SDK available now! It includes Visual Studio Express 2012 edition for Windows Phone (which also works as add-on for paid versions of Visual Studio 2012), new Hyper-V based Windows Phone emulator and Expression Blend. It could be downloaded from the following location: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=261873   Stay tuned for more exciting news to come, Alex

Working with NFC–Take 2

October 24, 2012

Some time ago (I’ve blogged about working with proximity devices – NFC – in Windows 8 Consumer preview: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/alex_golesh/archive/2012/02/29/windows-8-consumer-preview-and-visual-studio-11-beta-working-with-proximity-device-part-2-11.aspx). Then I’ve talked about a simple way performing NFC communication – using pub/sub communication pattern which is good for exchanging simple messages using PublishMessage and PublishBinaryMessage functions on ProximityDevice class. Few days ago my client asked me to prepare a demo which uses proximity communication to transfer custom “Items” between two instances of the app (and also Windows Phone 8 version of this app). The app uses complex “items” which includes many textual fields, undefined number of attached images,...