Microsoft Official HTML5 Course

March 15, 2012


HTML5 LogoDuring last few months I was co-authoring the Microsoft Official Course (MOC) named “HTML5 programming” with my colleagues at SelaNoam Kfir and Gil Fink. About a month ago I delivered a first Beta of this course in Redmond, WA and finally the course is scheduled to be published on April 20, 2012.

It was a very intensive experience with tight deadlines but we made it and the course is on its way for publishing.

A few details about the course:

  • It is three-day instructor-led course.
  • The course is lab oriented – the students will write a web application and enhance it with HTML5 features and APIs during the course.
  • The course covers many aspect of HTML5 such as the new elements, Canvas, SVG, animation, multimedia, CSS3, JavaScript APIs and more.

For more details about the course refer to the following location.


I had a great pleasure working with my outstanding colleagues at Sela and Microsoft Learning (all of them!) which all together made it possible! Thank you all!


Enjoy the course and stay tuned,


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  1. JWApril 5, 2012 ב 2:37

    Is this course available to MCT’s now as a BETA or only after the April 20th date?

  2. Alex GoleshMay 20, 2012 ב 18:28

    I believe so…

  3. BrandonJuly 4, 2012 ב 3:24

    This web page wont render properly on my blackberry you might want to try and repair that