“Off topic” – Google: You liked hamburger? We know where you want to shop for outdoor activities gear!

July 11, 2011

Today I was pretty amazed and decided to share my experience! Here it goes… I am at business trip in Redmond, WA. Yesterday I had a launch at one of Red Robin's restaurants near my hotel at Overlake shopping center. I found the place using Latitude application on my Android phone and since the burger was very good, decided to “check-in” into the place and even had a small positive review: Today I decided to go shopping for some “outdoor activities” gear and searched for REI store. For my complete surprise search engine suggested me...
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I’m Microsoft MVP for Third Time!

July 1, 2011

About 15 minutes ago, I received an email presenting me with the Microsoft MVP Award in Silverlight! I am very honored to receive an MVP Award for third time in row and I will continue contributing to the online and offline developer community in Israel and abroad. This is a great opportunity and place to thank quite a few people who helped me to win this Award for third time: My wife and daughter for having so much patience and providing the best support I could only dream about! ...