Windows Phone “Mango”–What’s coming in near future?

April 13, 2011

During 2nd day keynotes ScottGu and Joe Belfiore announced upcoming version of Windows Phone – codename Mango. They demostrated a cool demos and provided information about upcoming features.

The update for developer tools will ship in near future as Scott said.

The highlights of features for upcoming release are:

  • Multitasking: fast app switching (FAS) and Windows Phone background agents.
  • IE9 is coming to Windows Phone with HTML5 support.
  • Additional sensor and runtime access: Additional sensor APIs are being added in Mango, including camera stream access to enable augmented reality scenarios, compass and gyro APIs to enable more advanced detection of motion, and the ability to use socket connections to move beyond HTTP.
  • Structured storage: added the ability to package and deploy SQL CE databases onto the Windows Phone platform, and use LINQ to SQL to access the data. Additionally, new contact and appointment chooser tasks to access the user’s address book and calendar on the device.
  • The version of Silverlight updated – Mango is Silverlight 4 enabled
  • XNA/Silverlight integration: With Windows Phone Mango, SL and XNA could be used in same application, making it easier for developers to build 3D-modeled applications that can overlay Silverlight forms and strings – allowing developers to build next-generation mobile apps that combine the best of our two developer frameworks.
  • Tooling investments: Additional capabilities around the Profiling tooling, new enhancements to the Windows Phone Emulator allowing developers to manipulate sensor data (i.e., GPS, accelerometer) into the emulator.

Stay tuned for more!


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