MIX11–Day 1

April 13, 2011

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Some updates of first day I had at MIX11:


2 main speakers at the keynotes presented the recent achievements in IE9 and Visual Studio since last MIX. Dean presented beautiful HTML 5 demos and introduced IE10 preview. The version available for download from this location. Scott presented new additions to MVVM and EF4.1.

HTML5 for Silverlight Developers (Georgio Sardo)

This session meant to help the Silverlight developers (like myself) to understand the world of HTML5. Georgio did really great job to create a parallels between Silverlight and HTML5 features, presented with capabilities of HTML5 and few missing features which could be easily filled by Silverlight. Nice session!

Next (after launch break) I’ve been at Deep Dive MVVM (by Laurent Bugnion).

The session was very good, with many real-world samples and real-life code. Good one, Laurent!


All the videos from the sessions and all the code should be posted at MIX11 website shortly.


Stay tuned,


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