Silverlight at Windows Phone 7

March 15, 2010

Microsoft announced today, that new Windows Phone 7 Series will support Silverlight as one of 2 development frameworks. Second development framework will be XNA (will blog about it later).

So, what’s new for Silverlight developers there?

First, we have familiar tools: Windows Phone applications with Silverlight will be developed either with Visual Studio 2010, either with new “express” version called Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. This “express” version will enable development with both frameworks (Silverlight and XNA).

Full Visual Studio 2010 will also get new project types to develop with both frameworks.


First template is to create empty Windows Phone (WP7) applications. Second template is to create “list-based” applications. This post will focus Silverlight development.

Let’s create simple WP7 application. Silverlight application in Windows Phone are very close to standard Silverlight applications, and has full semantics of OOB applications. The closest version to this WP7 Silverlight is Silverlight 3.

After creating a new project VS2010 opens design surface. Design surface has very nice preview of UI.


The controls being added to the designer surface automatically getting “phone” look and feel:


The project created with number of WP7 styles for controls. Changing styles in VS2010 is very easy and preview works fantastic:


Code behind was always a strong part for Visual Studio and:


Before running the application check, that it will run on Windows Phone Emulator (unless you have a real Windows Phone 7 Series device connected to the computer):


Emulator take some time to load – first quick tip here: don’t close it between debug sessions – but when it finally run it is pretty fast:

image image

It supports the phone rotation, and even generates corresponding events:


Debugging works as expected.


The project has new item types (in addition to standard .NET stuff):


I’ll overview more in-depth the features of WP7 development with Silverlight soon and post and update.


Stay tuned for WP7 & XNA short overview.


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