March 15, 2010

This year MIX10 will be exciting!

Scott Guthrie on stage, and he is talking about Silverlight 4 support. Cool demos of Winter Olympics with Silverlight 4 & Smooth Streaming! All the sources which used to for Olympics creation just were open sourced here!

New control to Silverlight Controls family – and additional cool demo – Pivot control. Wow!

Just announced – Silverlight penetration rate is 65%!

Now Scott talking about Elevated Out-of-browser support and the demo coming on stage is eBay desktop client using Silverlight 4 OOB (available after Silverlight RTW)! Wow! I still have the Flash one on my home desktop 🙂 Seems need to change it soon…


Silverlight 4 RC available online. Final version – in a month.


Now its a turn for Windows Phone 7. Very smooth and fluid UI experience, cool demos, nice phone responsiveness 🙂

Silverlight and XNA will be the platforms to develop Windows Phone 7 applications – seeing demos of 3rd party applications on the phone, Silverlight apps and 3d XNA game.


Now Scott shows the Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone – known tools, same look and feel as the rest controls on Windows Phone 7, same skill applied


Tooling supports debugging, full intellisense, and uses same known Silverlight controls


Scott writing twitter application for Windows Phone 7 – live on stage!

In addition – Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone announced.

Just announced – those tools will be available for FREE for everyone here!!!

And now more great Windows Phone application demos by partners (Netflix, Graphic.Ly, etc.).


Stay tuned,


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