What’s new in Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3 – DevDay (22 July 2009)

June 9, 2009

Silverlight 3 will be released very soon. Silverlight Logo

Many new features were added, many improvements were made. Come and see me presenting what’s new in Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3 at Microsoft Israel Offices, 22 July 2009.

I will talk about new features, new and improved technologies.

Will see Silverlight 3 tools and features in current version of Visual Studio 2008 and in upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010 (Beta). Will see what’s new in Expression Blend 3.

Many cool demos, tips & tricks are promised!!! 🙂

Details and Registration


See you there,


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  1. MosheJune 9, 2009 ב 11:21

    Sounds graet!
    (What is the price of this day?)

  2. Alex GoleshJune 9, 2009 ב 11:47

    This even better – it is FREE! The registration is subject of place availability 🙂

  3. TJune 11, 2009 ב 16:42

    Great, but noticed that after you confirm your email address, it’s write:

    שעת התחלה: יום רביעי 22 יולי 2009 08:30
    שעת סיום: יום רביעי 22 יולי 2009 12:00

    and in the syllabus it’s:
    12:00 – 13:30 מה חדש ב-

  4. Alex GoleshJune 11, 2009 ב 17:02

    T: the times at the site are standard event times 🙂 The syllabus is correct…