Silverlight 3 Quick Tip #5: Assembly Caching

March 29, 2009

Always wanted to have smaller XAP files and take control of external assemblies, that are not part of core runtime? Using Silverlight toolkit and want to cache this assemblies on client machines to keep the resulting XAP smaller? Well, if so new feature in Silverlight 3 Beta will help you. To enable assembly caching, in Silverlight project properties check “Reduce XAP size” checkbox: The effect are following: In standard non-checked compilation the XAP file has all the external assemblies being referenced from the application: The AppManifest.xaml looks like follows: <Deployment xmlns= ...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip #4: Hardware Acceleration

Silverlight 3 Beta 1 bring us new and highly expected future – hardware acceleration. This short article will answer simple questions is how it could be enabled/used, where it is supported and when should be used. Well, the first answer is relatively simple. To enable hardware acceleration one need to do following: In plugin settings enable GPU Acceleration:<param name="EnableGPUAcceleration" value="true" />Next, set the “CacheMode” property of desired element to to “BitmapCache”:<Canvas.CacheMode> <BitmapCache/> </Canvas.CacheMode> or <StackPanel CacheMode="BitmapCache"/> Now desired elements will be cached and will use hardware acceleration. Now the support issue. The hardware acceleration is supported as following: Windows: Browser & Fullscreen (on...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip #3: Creating custom easing for Silverlight animations

March 19, 2009

This time I’ll show how to use new easing functions for animations. In Silverlight 3 we could apply one of existing easing functions to our animation (storyboard) or create our own. First, let’s apply existing easing function. On my sample page I have a bunch of buttons to control UI, a stack panel with some path that looks like a spring and a ball attached to it. Also I created a storyboard to animate the Width property: <StackPanel x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="LightGray"> ...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip #2: How to prepare your Silverlight 3 application offline

Today I’ll show probably one of most expected features – taking Silverlight application offline. To do it all you need to do is to add new section to AppManifest.xml. The section should be like following example: <Deployment.ApplicationIdentity> <ApplicationIdentity ShortName="Silverlight Offline Demo" Title="Silverlight Offline Application Demo"> <ApplicationIdentity.Blurb>This is sample application to show Silverlight 3 offline support. Created by Alex Golesh, 28 Feb 2009</ApplicationIdentity.Blurb> <ApplicationIdentity.Icons> ...

Silverlight 3 Quick Tip #1: How to use WritableBitmap

eWith this post I’m starting the series of Quick Tips post, this time for Silverlight 3. Today I’ll show how to use WritableBitmap class to paint with content of any Visual element. Let’s start – I created very simple UI with UserControl inside a stack panels and bunch of buttons to control my sample logic By pressing “Paint control” button I’d like to fill the image in  the cell with “Control Image” caption with the picture of the control from the content control in the cell with “Control Instance”. The code is actually very...

What’s new in Silverlight 3 Beta 1?

March 18, 2009

As just announced at MIX09 keynotes, new version of Silverlight will hit our machines – this time it will be Silverlight 3 Beta 1. Here is the short list of what’s new in there: Go offline with your application: Silverlight 3 provides all the features you need to store your application on your users machine, and then work against their data in the your isolated cache or under their MyDocuments. Your application can ask the user if they want to add a link to your application on their desktop or start menu. In addition, you can check...

Silverlight 3 Beta 1 available

Mix09 keynotes just around the corner (3 more hours), but MS Downloads center already has a links to Silverlight 3 Beta build and Ria Services (former Alexandria). Microsoft .NET RIA Services March '09 Preview (4.1 MB):  The .NET RIA Services is an framework that provides a pattern to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations. Microsoft Silverlight 3 SDK Beta 1 (9.6 MB):  The Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3 Software Development Kit provides libraries and tools for developing Silverlight applications. ...

MIX09 – Day 0

Today I attended to MIX09 workshops day. Unfortunately I could make to the morning session and get for 2nd workshop only but I believe I choose the best one. I was at Jaime’s Rodriguez & Co. “Hiking Mt Avalon”. Nice session: many cool demos, best practices, tips and tricks!!! For me – MIX09 started the best way it could! Waiting for tomorrow – the official first day of the conference and the Keynotes!!! More updates to come!   Alex
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March 10, 2009

Something BIG is coming… I’m flying this weekend to attend MIX09 in Las Vegas, NV, USA and promise to post updates and news from there. Cool samples, “how-to’s” and “Quick Tips” will be posted here at the moment I’ll be able to post them :) Come back next week to get the full details. Stay tuned, Alex