Silverlight in the Mesh and the “Cloud” – Silverlight Mesh Enabled Web Application and Azure Services (Part 4)

January 23, 2009

Hello, In previous parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) we have seen how to create Azure Hosted Service, How to Access Azure Data Services Blob data, how to create SMEWA-like application which uses those services. While creating Silverlight application I’ve faced some problems – I couldn’t use Live Framework along with WebServices which returns non primitive types. Then I solved it by creating and hosting standard (non SMEWA) Silverlight application in the Mesh. This time I want to build “Cloud Store” client application which will use data stored in blob by Management application (created here) and...

Silverlight in the Mesh and the “Cloud” – Silverlight Mesh Enabled Web Application (Part 3)

January 18, 2009

Today I’ll talk about SMEWA (Silverlight Mesh Enabled Web Application) creation. To create one (as for today) you need to be a member of Live Framework CTP. Invite to this CTP could be received through Microsoft Connect site. After receiving the invitation key and redeeming it you will be able to download Live Framework SDK and Tools for Visual Studio and at Azure Services Developer Portal create new project – Live Framework CTP After installing the Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio you will receive new project type (Live Framework) and will be able...

Silverlight 3 Sessions at MIX09 announced

January 16, 2009

  New sessions related to Silverlight 3 just announced at MIX09!   The sessions are: What’s New in Silverlight 3.  Learn about the new experience-oriented Silverlight 3 features, and see how to build Silverlight 3 applications using Expression Blend and Visual Studio. What's New in Silverlight 3 Media.  Learn about the latest media features available with Silverlight 3. Deep Dive into Silverlight Graphics.  Hear about the Silverlight 3 rendering pipeline, and learn how to enhance your application experience with the latest additions to...
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Silverlight in the Mesh and the “Cloud” – Hosted Service and Blob Storage (Part 2)

January 15, 2009

Hello. As I promised here I’m starting to describe my experiences in creating Silverlight Mesh Enabled Web Application (MEWA or SMEWA) with Cloud Hosted Services and Cloud Storage. Today I’ll talk about creating the storage and supported hosted services. First of all I needed to be a part of Windows Azure CTP and have at least 1 Storage account (to have persistent and non-persistent storage in Windows Azure) and at least 1 Hosted Services account (environment that provides the hosting and management service for cloud based applications). To get such account(s) one should apply for them...

Silverlight 2 Developer Day

January 14, 2009

Come and join me at “Getting Started with Silverlight 2” developer day at Microsoft Israel offices, 04-Feb-2009. At this event I’ll introduce the technology and the tools for developing with Silverlight 2. Many cool samples and good time are promised!   The registration is open and free of charge. Register here.   See you, Alex

Silverlight in the Mesh and the “Cloud” – Introduction/Teaser (Part 1)

Hello, For quite some time I’m investigating the Azure Services and Live Framework. After gaining some experience, I decided to build simple project - Content Store – to share with you how to build the next generation of applications. My “Cloud Store” project will use Windows Azure Storage Account to persist content at the cloud, will use Windows Azure Hosted Services as business logic provider (submit contents to the store, display the contents and “purchase” it). Also, my project will use Live Framework Mesh Silverlight applications to provide UI for content submitters and content viewers/buyers.  ...

Silverlight Tip: Dynamic animations

January 6, 2009

Hello, I was asked about creation of animations dynamically for various elements. Today I’ll show how to create such animations for any (almost) Silverlight element. I’ll create some of popular standard PowerPoint animations. I know that it is not the full set of animations available in PowerPoint, also the animations itself are probably not perfect but it is a good starting point to those who want to know how to do it. Generally, to create the animation on-the-fly we need to create a storyboard, add one or more animations to it, add the created storyboard to...