Silverlight 2 for Ness Tsioyna User Group

November 13, 2008

Two days ago I’ve presented Silverlight 2 overview for Ness Tsioyna (Israel) user group. It was first meeting for this user group, and I’m very proud that I’ve been chosen to be the first presenter. I’d like to thank all participants – it was pleasure to meet all of you. As I promised here is presentation slides (demos cannot been released because of IP issues).   Enjoy, Alex


November 6, 2008

DevAcademy 3 is coming at Dec 15, at Airport City near Lod (local event). Come and see me presenting real life integration of Silverlight 2 application into existing Web application. At this session I’ll show how to integrate Silverlight 2 application into exiting ASP.NET web site, how to build HTML DOM <–> Silverlight 2 communication, customize UI according to Initialization Parameters and HTTP Request QueryStrings, how to customize Silverlight installation experience and much more. Great time and many cool samples involved. My session is DEV303 - Integrating Silverlight 2 into Existing Web Sites (Level 300) ...