Silverlight 2 RC0 available

September 27, 2008

Microsoft has released RC0 developer preparation release. This release is for preparing current Silverlight 2 projects to RTW which will be released later this year. The release files (Visual Studio Tools, Blend, etc.) could be downloaded from here. One important note: This release should not be used for launching Silverlight 2 applications for the general public, so if you have publicly available Silverlight application you should wait for RTW. Most detailed information of new features, breaking changes and everything else could be found at Scott Guthrie's blog.   Enjoy and stay tuned for RTW, Alex

DevAcademy 3 – Vote

September 9, 2008

If you're in Silverlight development or want to start develop real-world Silverlight applications you're invited to vote for my session in DevAcademy 3:   Silverlight 2 in real-world applications In this session we will see techniques, tips and tricks of integrating Silverlight 2 applications in real-world solutions; we will see how to build tight communication between Silverlight application and existing HTML/ASP.NET web site. Lots of tips and tricks, lessons learned, how-to’s and cool samples involved.     Thank you and see you there! Alex

Quick Silverlight Tip: Define control style dynamically

Lately I've been asked a couple of time by client how to provide certain level of customization for their Silverlight application. In many cases they want to provide their client with ability to change styles/templates in application or part of it. Another common request, is to provide an ability to use external style definitions. Here the quick tip on how it could be achieved. I'll build really simple solution, which uses WebService to provide external style definition as loose XAML file and will apply it to XAML object. Also, my simple solution will receive some style definition as a...