Get Ready for Silverlight 2

February 24, 2008

The new version of Silverlight will be announced at MIX08 in about a week! It will be Beta 1 version, and it will bring the things, which was missed by many developers like WPF UI Framework (Binding, Styling, Out-Of-The-Box Controls:  Button, Grid, StackPanel, "Cider" in Visual Studio 2008,  etc.), Networking support (REST, SOAP, RSS, etc.), richer BCL (LINQ, Collections, I/O, Generics, Threading, Globalization, XML, Local Storage, etc.) and much more...   See more about this upcoming release and Silverlight 2 tutorials in ScottGu's Blog Enjoy

How To Handle RightClick Mouse Event in Silverlight

February 7, 2008

Ever tried to get right click event from Silverlight and always got this? Today I'll give 5 minutes recipe of how to get rid of this "Silverlight Configuration" popup and receive right click mouse events in manage code. Lets make default "New Silverlight Project". Well, first of all, lets do some XAML - my page will be very simple: <Canvas x:Name="parentCanvas" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Loaded="Page_Loaded" ...