Free CodeRush Xpress for C#

יום ראשון, דצמבר 21, 2008

Free CodeRush Xpress for C# Considering the fact that my other blog is dedicated to free Microsoft based development – dotNetExpress. you can be sure that I’m all for free stuff ( legally of course ). So take a closer look at Announcing CodeRush Xpress for C# which can be downloaded from here Download now

Webcast – Installation of Wss 3.0 SP1 on Win2008 with Sql2008 Express Advanced Services

יום שני, ספטמבר 1, 2008

Webcast – Installation of Wss 3.0 SP1 on Win2008 with Sql2008 Express Advanced Services Ok, long title, but it says it all. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1 Download & Install SqlServer 2008 Express with Advanced Services Download and Install Environment is Windows 2008 + Add Role of Application Server with Web Server (IIS) + Add Feature of PowerShell Initial Startup of the Wss 3.0 WebSite Given this is a FULL install process, the Webcast is a bit “long”...

Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 Released

יום שבת, יוני 7, 2008

Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 Released Ok, as usual let’s start with the download: For the Browser here’s the Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 Runtime For the Developer here’s the Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2008 And now for the main course: First we know from the Silverlight SDK blog at MSDN post What's new in Silverlight 2 Beta 2? that full list of changes is as follows : Animation Support for... launched! – "Do Less. Get More. Develop on SharePoint."

יום שלישי, יוני 3, 2008 launched! - "Do Less.  Get More. Develop on SharePoint." As the title says was launched! - "Do Less.  Get More. Develop on SharePoint." To help drive adoption of SharePoint by Software Developers Microsoft have launched a campaign to .NET Developers at The new material is designed to help .NET Developers to learn the top ten artifacts in SharePoint that are interesting to them. A variety of materials with different learning styles to make getting started with these artifacts easy and it’s all based on the Visual Studio extensions for SharePoint – planned to...

Visual How Tos

יום שני, אפריל 14, 2008

Visual How Tos Putting a long story short - we have which is dedicated to the Freelance/Beginner Community for development of using the Visual Studio 2005/2008 Express and/or SqlServer 2005 Express Edition. This New blog would be for most of us who develop on Visual Studio 2005/2008 Pro ( mostly ) and SqlServer 2005/2008 with option to added value, like : Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 / Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Development and Admin WebParts...
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What's cool but short ? A commercial

יום חמישי, אפריל 3, 2008

I was looking for a LOGO image for my visual-how-tos BLOG ... when one of the thoughts that ran through my head was Microsoft's "old" Visual Studio 2005 Commercial where a programmer sits on his desk and at some point takes a "golden" crown, like the ones from "Burger King" and wears on his head - this blog should do just that ! ( no , no make you look stupid , just give you a feeling that you are now the king ) Well, in short I found this Website ( that I guess Lior Zoref already know...
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"How do I?" Videos

יום חמישי, אוגוסט 9, 2007

MSDN has started to build a small list of "How do I?" Videos which currently have ASP.NET ASP.NET Ajax Devices Native Coding Silverlight Visual Studio Tools for Office Visual Studio Extensibility Visual Basic Visual Studio Team System Windows Forms Windows Presentation Foundation ... but I'm adding my link to that WSS 3.0 For the people ;) , just in case you forgot.

WSS 3.0 For the people

יום ראשון, יוני 3, 2007

WSS 3.0 together with the Language Pack is by far one best free downloadable software arround. But, one of the problems as with evey software is the knowledge of using it configurating it. For that we get the Learning resource from Microsoft which will help us Learn Windows SharePoint Services. Among the video's are :Screen Casts: Building ASP.NET Web Parts Create an ASP.NET Web Part project from scratch and get it up and running within a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site. Creating and Testing Features Use Visual Studio to create a custom feature and an associated assembly DLL. Creating and Using Content Types Create user-defined content types...

MOSS 2007 going visual on a screen near you

יום שני, מאי 28, 2007

MSDN has recently understood the real meaning of gettingthier examples to the visual level - VIDEO Here's ones that I came accross  MOSS2007 Visual How To Creating a Custom Search Page and Tabs in the Search Center of SharePoint Server Creating and Exposing Managed Properties in the Advanced Search Page of SharePoint Server Enterprise Search Creating and Exposing Search Scopes in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search Creating Business Data Catalog Entities in SharePoint Server 2007 Creating Content Sources to Crawl Business Data in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search Creating Managed-Code UDFs for Excel Services Enabling Users to Act on LOB Data...