BizTalk Services – Internet Service Bus

יום חמישי, נובמבר 1, 2007

BizTalk Services - Internet Service Bus  Ok, so we all know by now about the BizTalk vNext - OSLO , The next genereation, but what about BizTalk Services ? Well it seems that the BizTalk team are moving in full speed, and have thier own BizTalk Labs Some of the technologies that are currently available at BizTalk Labs include: Identity Services are hosted services that enable organizations to more easily manage their users and help developers create more secure applications that support user identities from many different organizations. (users can authenticate to the BizTalk Services Identity Provider via Windows® CardSpace) Connectivity Services are...

Windows CardSpace PPTX Presentation at the architects user group

יום שישי, יולי 27, 2007

Hi I know at some of you have waited for the PPTX ( for now no PPT version , perhaps later ). I have to say that of the reasons for the delay was : 1. I tried to produce a normal PPT version , and it takes a while 2. The converted PPTX to PPT has produced from a 15MB file a 45 MB file of PPT :'( , thus I have tried most of the week to upload that version , and didn't succeed ( perhaps later ? I'm not promising  )It seemed, as I have expected, that the...
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Can CardSpace be Federated? Yes, using WS-Federation. Benefits ? Yes, SSO !

יום שני, יוני 11, 2007

CardSpace and the general concept of Federation might have a conflict of interest. But what about SSO (Single Sign On) ?  An event where the user might want to connect securely to a group of systems, which are logically, for him, connected as single entity.Don Schmidt, has recently wrote a White Paper about it – "Understanding WS-Federation".The paper was jointly published by IBM and Microsoft. A Federated identity infrastructure enables cross-application single sign-on. CardSpace was created, among other to simplify the Login Process, thus simplifying the Login to a Federated System in a fashion that the user is aware of it – That's...
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