יום חמישי, מרץ 19, 2009

ASP.NET MVC 1.0 RTM Lets keep it simple, Enjoy!
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CodePlex “OXITE” [ASP.NET MVC] on Channel 9

יום ראשון, דצמבר 21, 2008

CodePlex “OXITE” on Channel 9 A while a go I've posted on CodePlex “OXITE” - ASP.NET MVC Blog Engine , now it seems that I have missed one more thing – a Channel 9 ScreenCast: Oxite, an ASP.NET MVC based blog
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CodePlex “OXITE” – ASP.NET MVC Blog Engine

יום רביעי, דצמבר 10, 2008

CodePlex “OXITE” - ASP.NET MVC Blog Engine I love free stuff. There is a saying that we have the TWO tablets (on which the Ten Commandments were engraved) instead of one just because it was free , so mosses took TWO :( Well, to the point – OXITE is a sample application , on CodePlex based on the ASP.NET MVC engine , which is way cool BTW , and it’s even used by – MIX09 WebSite
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Microsoft Modeling Platform (code named "Oslo")

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 28, 2008

Microsoft Modeling Platform (code named "Oslo") "M" Sounds almost like “Bond, James Bond” ( the M part ), But not exactly. Microsoft Oslo, which is Microsoft’s “Microsoft Modeling Platform (code named "Oslo")” has already updated in the MSDN and has two sub-sections: Models and Metadata SDK Microsoft Oslo Technical Articles As well as it’s own “webSite” : Oslo Developer Center, a downloadable Oslo SDK … and much more. for more information look at: The "Oslo" Modeling Platform The "Oslo" modeling platform makes it easier...

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Beta

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 16, 2008

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Beta Microsoft ASP.NET MVC has just hit the Beta Release ( finaly ). In the ASP.NET MVC Roadmap it is mentioned that the v1.0 RTM will be in Q4 2008 or Q1 2009. Though in the CodePlex ASP.NET MVC WebSite it is still in Preview 5, that version ( preview 5 ) was considered quite stable – hence the recent release of the Beta version which can be downloaded from Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Beta  Brief Description The ASP.NET MVC Beta release provides a new Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework on top of...

MOSS2007 Workflow and BizTalk2009

יום שלישי, אפריל 1, 2008

MOSS2007 Workflow and BizTalk2009 Intro: In this post will go over more thoughts , ideas and expectations regarding OSLO. For starters I would like to share this link: Commonality - The Future of BizTalk/WCF/WF. It's an old post, but still show more ( and better ) what I'm thinking regarding the future version of BizTalk - BizTalk 2009 ( .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? and .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? PART2 )The "first word" that caught my eye was "in .NET 3.5 with the REST support". Ok, that said, here are the dots...