MIX09 Videos (Still compiling)

יום שבת, מרץ 21, 2009

Ok, So I didn’t go, but I started to download and watch http://videos.visitmix.com/MIX09 For now, not everything has a video, and where there is one, after a day or two there’s a HD version of it :) So download at you’re own convenience Enjoy ;)
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CodePlex “OXITE” [ASP.NET MVC] on Channel 9

יום ראשון, דצמבר 21, 2008

CodePlex “OXITE” on Channel 9 A while a go I've posted on CodePlex “OXITE” - ASP.NET MVC Blog Engine , now it seems that I have missed one more thing – a Channel 9 ScreenCast: Oxite, an ASP.NET MVC based blog
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CodePlex “OXITE” – ASP.NET MVC Blog Engine

יום רביעי, דצמבר 10, 2008

CodePlex “OXITE” - ASP.NET MVC Blog Engine I love free stuff. There is a saying that we have the TWO tablets (on which the Ten Commandments were engraved) instead of one just because it was free , so mosses took TWO :( Well, to the point – OXITE is a sample application , on CodePlex http://www.codeplex.com/oxite based on the ASP.NET MVC engine , which is way cool BTW , and it’s even used by visitmix.com – MIX09 WebSite
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