Webcast / וידאו – Silverlight 2.0 מודל השכבות

יום שבת, נובמבר 8, 2008

Webcast / וידאו – Silverlight 2.0 מודל השכבות במסגרת זו נראה אחד מרעיונות הארכיטקטורה הבסיסיים ביותר – מודל השכבות. במקרה שלנו LinqToSql ישמש לנו כשכבת ה DataAccesLayer ( ה DAL ) , ה WCF כגורם המכיל את ה BusinessLogic ונותן השירות המתאים, ולבסוף התצוגה תהיה כמובן בעזרת Silverlight. כאשר, במסגרת הסרטון נראה את אחד הרכיבים האהודים על כולנו – DataGrid. הסרטון מסתמך על הבנה מסרטונים קודמים: חיבור רכיבים חיצוניים מסרטון ה GridSpliter , קריאה ל CrossDomain WebService,הכרות עם משטח העבודה של Grid ב Silverlight והבנה כללית של WCF ו LinqToSql. ...

.NET Framework 4.0 – What’s ahead ? (1st thought)

יום רביעי, אוקטובר 15, 2008

.NET Framework 4.0 – What’s ahead ? (1st thought) Just incase you had your doubt , this is my personal perspective of what’s ahead. Ok, we all know my perspective about the architectural aspects that .NET 4.0 would bring from: Dublin + .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ! (part 4) .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? PART3 .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? PART2 .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? But what about the...

Linq In Action

יום חמישי, אפריל 3, 2008

Linq In Action Linq In Action What can I say - A GREAT BOOK. Loved it, liked it - if you want to get into LINQ regardless of your previous knowledge THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU !! As opposed to the competition, Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2008 - Book review, Linq In Action is if you want to learn LINQ, the former is more "Pro" which means you know LINQ and want to upgrade your skill - thus creating both books a complete set =).One, is to get you started and REALY UNDERSTAND...
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MSDN Pulse

MSDN Pulse WOW , The first edition of the MSDN Pulse Israel (MSDN Pulse April 2008 Edition)  has been released and TWO (!) of my webcasts are in it : Select and Update of an XML file Using LinqToXml in VB9 (שליפה ועדכון קובץ XML ע"י LINQ To Xml ב- VB 9) Dealing with <Null> values in LinqToSql in VB9 (טיפול בערכי Null בשאילתות LINQ To SQL ב VB 9) This fact, and the fact that most developers are using Visual Studio Pro and above had lead me to the decision that I should open...
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LinqToSql – C# vs VB Architecture Consideration : Cache Feature

יום שני, מרץ 10, 2008

LinqToSql - C# vs VB Architecture Consideration : Cache Feature One of the most common Architecture considerations when building a new Application is what is the quality of the Developers them selves - Well some of the times they are VB.NET programmers ( which I didn't say is a bad thing ). Well I had the opportunity to work with VB.NET programmers. What can I say , once in a while it happens to me too - when talking in English I'm sometimes translating a Hebrew sentence into English as is ( and I'm talking about US English !...
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יום שישי, פברואר 8, 2008

IVBUG "A Stronger LINQ" PPT Hi , last Wednesday , the Israeli VB User group celebrated it's 10th birthday. To this special occasion they have decided to give me the great honor of lecturing , people have asked me for the PPT which can be downloaded from here
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