Faceted Search v2.5

יום שני, אוגוסט 18, 2008

Faceted Search v2.5 Faceted Search has a new version – 2.5 . We all remember the release date MOSS Faceted Search CodePlex project released as well as the MOSS Faceted Search Version 2.0. Now the Sharepoint team blog Announcing Faceted Search v2.5 , which is BTW based on the Enterprise Library For those who are looking into more info about this version , read more in the post Announcing Faceted Search v2.5
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MOSS Faceted Search Version 2.0

יום חמישי, ינואר 24, 2008

MOSS Faceted Search Version 2.0 Well, the "search" world, as far as MOSS is related, is just expanding. First we have the "basic" MOSS Search engine, and then then we have the Microsoft's enterprise search which comes also as an Express Edition , and we all know about Microsoft is acquiring FAST Search for $1.2 billion , not to say about the Live.com Search engine. So not to be left that far behind MOSS Faceted Search has released a Version 2.0. Sweet =) BTW , here's a nice link collection MOSS Search - Some Microsoft Links
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MOSS Faceted Search CodePlex project released

יום שני, אוקטובר 1, 2007

Project Description MOSS Faceted Search is a set of web parts that provide intuitive way to refine search results by category (facet). The facets are implemented using SharePoint API and stored within native SharePoint METADATA store. The solution demonstrates following key features: Grouping search results by facet Displaying a total number of hits per facet value Refining search results by facet value Update of the facet menu based on refined search criteria ...
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