prop2005.snippet – My small code snippet for VS2008 ( and above )

יום שישי, פברואר 27, 2009

Due to the fact that I still program for “Older” systems like Moss2007 , but still want the development ease and speed of visual studio 2008 ,  I had to write my own code snippet for support of “old style” prop code snippet 1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 2: <CodeSnippets xmlns=""> 3: <CodeSnippet Format="1.0.0"> 4: ...

January 2009 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK released

יום חמישי, ינואר 15, 2009

January 2009 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK released There was a large crowd in Juval Lowy’s User Group presentation - Special User's Group meeting: Juval Lowy in Israel January 2009 - Introducing the .NET Service Bus. One of the cool things is the fact that he showed is the context and usage of Azure for the regular programmer as well as for architects. That said you should know that a new version of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK CTP of the was announced In this release both the Windows Azure Tools & the...

Free eBooks

יום שני, דצמבר 22, 2008

Just for Charismas ( or Hanukah ) Data Structures and Algorithms from Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples And Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista, which is the Vista Edition of “Writing Secure Code” which you can Sign up to download the entire e-book (PDF, 15.4 MB).
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Patterns & Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Release

יום שלישי, דצמבר 16, 2008

Patterns & Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Release J.D. Meier has just announced about the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Final Release which can be downloaded from the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 as part of the CodePlex's Patterns & Practices Application Architecture Guide. The book is in the main stream of Patterns & Practices guidelines in such that it provides a concise ( nutshell like ) Architectural Guideline Checklist. If you’re a beginner or intermediate in Architecture and want to be updated, this is the Book for you – it’s FREE , it’s Electronic, it was...

Patterns & Practices Pocket Guides

יום שלישי, נובמבר 25, 2008

Patterns & Practices Pocket Guides Ok, now you “can” print it ( meaning you can always save a tree and NOT print it :) ) Ok Ok Ok …. so you got the concept, now for the download links :) Rich Client Architecture Pocket Guide Ch 01 - Rich Client Application Architecture Ch 02 - Architecture and Design Guidelines Ch 03 - Presentation Layer Guidelines ...

Patterns & Practices SharePoint Guidance

יום רביעי, נובמבר 5, 2008

Patterns & Practices SharePoint Guidance This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications. A reference implementation that is named the Contoso Training Management application demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and application lifecycle management challenges. This guidance discusses the following: Architectural decisions about patterns, feature factoring, and packaging. Design tradeoffs for common decisions many developers encounter, such as when to use SharePoint lists or a database to store information. Implementation examples that are demonstrated in...
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