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יום רביעי, מרץ 25, 2009

I don’t about you , but once in a while I want to correct my posts on the Web-Based editor ( mainly because of RightToLeft problems which don’t show on the Writer ) In recent days this is what I get .. and this is after about a minute the browser is stuck with the JavaScript Error :’(
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Yet Another Paper Clip Header

יום רביעי, דצמבר 24, 2008

Yet Another Paper Clip Header Check it out Which can be downloaded as Photoshop CS2 psd ( divided into layers ) Due to the fact that I DO LOVE my Here fishy fishy, I didn't change my header – but that doesn’t mean you can’t ;) Personal Note: I have to update my personal picture :)
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New LiveWriter – Technical Preview

יום רביעי, יוני 4, 2008

New LiveWriter - Technical Preview First Donwload from here: Technical Preview: Now Available for Download SDK Updates This release is largely about updates to the Writer SDK, which now includes hooks for pre- and post-publish events. These updates are still experimental and these APIs are not stable--we may make changes based on your feedback that break plug-ins that use these new methods. However, we’re really excited about the new set of scenarios have been unlocked and look forward to hearing feedback from all of you Writer plug-in developers out there. ...
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Silverlight Logo – Just good taste

יום שישי, מרץ 7, 2008

Silverlight Logo - Just good taste Just a few days a go I ran into this post thoughts on silverlight logo - "default OSX wallpaper". If you'd scroll down the article you'd find the base picture for my "paper clip"   For those with an iPhone you should also have it as one of the backgrounds - Aqua Wallpapers for iPhone And here's a "live" version ( BTW notice the IE )
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Blogger's meeting , the 3rd – 2nd round

יום חמישי, פברואר 28, 2008

Blogger's meeting , the 3rd - 2nd round OK OK , so yossi didn't bring his camera . OK here are some more shoots Maya is first , with yaniv ( we can see Tal Shahar in the BG ) OK now this is my picture of "Team System" =) ( LOL ) - one of the greatest pics The Fixer  ( GadiM - Gad J. Meir ) the Manager (שחר גבירץ שחר.נט all hail PowerShell ) and the Destroyer of all worlds ( יומנו של האקר, MS Version. גיא מזרחי ) "Girls On film (Duran Duran)"  Bloggers on 'Film' - ehh ......
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Blogger's meeting , the 3rd

יום רביעי, פברואר 27, 2008

Blogger's meeting , the 3rd The title is on purpose - because it sounds like Nobility .. like Henry the 8th =) Let's start with this pic Ok, two things : 1. I knew of the horns =) it was funny , 2. I allow it only to friends ( Dev Academy II , Conference ? No, just meeting friends ) My 2nd picture is Two close frineds of mine - Guy Burstein on the left and Amit Cohen-Berezin on the right Ok , 3rd is a close friend of both me and my sister ella This is the one and...
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http://www.codeplex.com/CoreToolkit – Mazal Tov

יום שישי, פברואר 22, 2008

http://www.codeplex.com/CoreToolkit Ok , my first CodePlex project ( I have a 2nd one in queue ). The library is a Toolkit for easier programming when connection to using inerop and windowsHocks to other clients / applications on the same machine. I don't know who wrote the manual for CodePlex Client , but I highly recommend to re-write it , or at least make a Webcast about it ( I know I might do one ). The upload of the source code reminded me of my Unix/Linux years (in the Bad sense of it). Command prompt tools is one...

How do they expect me to blog?

יום רביעי, ינואר 30, 2008

How do they expect me to blog?   ( the picture would enlarge onClick  , and no the original page is optimized for this visibility :-( , believe me I tried ) I was siting on my work machine, when I came accross some thing I wanted to post about So , due to the fact on that specific machine there wasn't installed a LiveWriter I have decidedto download and install... But , ehh , look what happen .. :-( And I'm working on a Windows 2003 x64 machine :-( Both problems on the same time :-(  
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