TSQL: Concatenate Column from Multiple Rows into String

24 בינואר 2012

Ok , So I had a problem related to concatenation of a single Column into one ( same ) column when using GROUP BY . The Problem came from a Reporting Services perspective and there might be other solutions ( like coding in VB.NET in the report ) I have found a very nice samples : Option 1: use Northwind declare @CategoryList varchar(1000) set @CategoryList ='' select @CategoryList = @CategoryList + ' , ' +...

SharePoint 2010 : The following computer running SharePoint does not contain the required Infopath form template

23 בינואר 2012

What can I say … except "elementary my dear Watson" ;) Ok , the problem is that you didn’t activate a feature in the site you’re working with :P go to : Site Actions > Site Settings > Manage Site Features > Team Collaboration Lists. The problem : The solution: ( Personal Note: I know it has been a while , but once in a while doesn’t hurt ;)  )