Microsoft TechEd Online Videos

13 במאי 2009

Microsoft TechEd Online Videos

The Microsoft TechEd has built a compilation / collection of very nice and informative videos. Not all of them are open to the public , those that are , will be linked here.

I’ll divide them by subject , due to that the post will be update ( AKA, work in progress )

Application Integration & Interoperability

Framework and Microsoft BizTalk Best Practices with an Eye Toward Oslo page WMV
Mobile RFID Scenarios page WMV
Making RFID Deployments Successful page WMV
The Future of Modeling page WMV
Mind the Gap: The Business and Technical Cases for .NET and Java Interoperability page WMV
The Road to Oslo: The Microsoft Services and Modeling Platform page WMV
Automating Processes across the Enterprise page WMV
Industry Interoperability page WMV
BizTalk Server and RFID page WMV
Achieving Success with BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and EDI Implementations page WMV
.NET StockTrader 2.0 and .NET Configuration 2.0 page WMV
Oslo page WMV


Advanced Unit Testing and Mock Objects page WMV
Architecture at Microsoft page WMV
RoboChamps Panel page WMV
Pragmatic Data Architecture page WMV
Selecting the Right Client Technology page WMV
Creating Reusable Libraries page WMV
MCA – Certification for Architects page WMV
How Architects Can Guide Innovation page WMV
Architectural Concerns for the ASP.NET MVC Framework page WMV
The Inexorable Drive to Many-Core Processors page WMV
Environmentally Sustainable Architecture page WMV
Why Software Still Sucks page WMV
Memories, Guesses, and Apologies page WMV
Layer Module Injection page WMV
Datacenter Leadership page WMV
Why Software Sucks page WMV
RoboChamps Competition page WMV
The Role of the Architect: Mentoring page WMV
REST and SOAP…Battle Royal or Peas in a Pod? page WMV
Naked Objects for .NET page WMV
Demo: Naked Objects for .NET page WMV
The Interface-Abstract Class Pendulum page WMV
Microsoft Architecture inside Sun International page WMV
Enabling Architects with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 page WMV

Office & Sharepoint

Sharepoint-Different Views page WMV
Microsoft patterns and practices SharePoint Guidance page WMV
SharePoint Reporting-What's Up? page WMV
The Power of SharePoint page WMV
Podcasting Kit for SharePoint page WMV
Planning and Implementing Global Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Deployments page WMV
SharePoint Server 2007: MSIT Performance Case Study page WMV
Deploying Project Server 2007 in an Existing SharePoint Server 2007 Farm page WMV
Line-of-Business Integration Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 page WMV
Extending LOB Applications with Groove 2007 page WMV
SharePoint: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? page WMV
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  1. Guy Burstein13 במאי 2009 ב 15:33

    שים לב שאלו לא ההרצאות של טקאד צפון אמריקה שמתקיים בימים אלו, אלא ראיונות עם מספר אנשים שהתקיימו בטקאד 2008 באירופה.