January 2009 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK released

15 בינואר 2009

January 2009 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK released

There was a large crowd in Juval Lowy’s User Group presentation – Special User's Group meeting: Juval Lowy in Israel January 2009 – Introducing the .NET Service Bus. One of the cool things is the fact that he showed is the context and usage of Azure for the regular programmer as well as for architects. That said you should know that a new version of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK CTP of the was announced

In this release both the Windows Azure Tools & the SDK was updated

What's hot in the new refresh?

  1. The problem with VS hanging when you hit F5, this is a huge fix.
  2. Fix regarding the limitation of using special characters in entities, which affected some update or delete operations.
  3. There have also been a bunch of performance fixes, so the overall user experience feels a lot nicer compared to the PDC release.

p.s. I don’t know about you , but I already bought the yuval’s new book as an eBook version

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