.NET Framework 4.0 – What’s ahead ? (1st thought)

15 באוקטובר 2008

.NET Framework 4.0 – What’s ahead ? (1st thought)

Just incase you had your doubt , this is my personal perspective of what’s ahead.

Ok, we all know my perspective about the architectural aspects that .NET 4.0 would bring from:

Dublin + .NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ! (part 4)
.NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? PART3
.NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ? PART2
.NET Framework 4.0 = "BizTalk/SOA Express Framework" ?

But what about the core it self ? well I have come across this article today Parallel Extensions part of the .NET Framework 4.0, Now considering the fact that:

  • Support for LINQ is intergraded into Silverlight 2.0 ( = LINQ is lightweight + LINQ is too important not to include + … )
  • I do expect that LinqToXml would be the core processing for XML based messages ( and XML based messaging is here from the WCF part )
  • And now the Parallel Extensions were known as PLINQ
  • LINQ was released in the .NET 3.5 ( as opposed Entity Framework which was postponed to SP1 ) show the maturity which was needed from the technology/platform

I have a feeling that LINQ together with WCF Messaging would be the Core of the .NET 4.0 Framework.

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