Microsoft WAS NOT the one who brought the PC ( Personal Computer ) into the Homes

30 באוגוסט 2008

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In israel, perhaps it is thought different, because with the dawn of Win95, at that stage personal computers were made available to the general population. The Win3.11 was left of for geeks ( like me ), not talking about the MultiView, a PC-DOS & MS-DOS ( yes, there were two of them 😉 ) which used the graphics card library to make use of the 10 “pages” it had so you could have several DOS windows “opened” on a DOS operating system ( if you can call it operating system that is )

Yehh.. these were the days when I bought my first IBM ( as opposed to Apple , not Intel ) PC. It was a 1MB RAM and 40MB HardDisk with 256 Colors (!) and it had a Pre-Version of the OS/2 Operating System ( BTW it was a PS/1 )

Why am I reminiscing over these thoughts ? that’s because I went to the O’Reilly web site and found this article, The Mac at 25: Andy Hertzfeld Looks Back, which showed me how old I am … yes yes , MY FIRST HOME COMPUTER WAS AN APPLE! , just like forest gump said “the fruit company” – I have 3 years experience on an “Apple II C” ;). But assure you, you won’t see it in my CV 😀

But, as time told ( and one of my university teachers told me ) “being nice and smart” does not always make you a better company ( which has a better revenue ).

Everybody hated Microsoft, but now, after 25 years, we see what has Apple & Sun ( Unix / Linux example ) has to offer, and what Microsoft has to offer. Just like driving in Tel-Aviv “you have to push sometimes” ( as opposed to being nice ) in order to reach your goals.

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