"BizTalk" without BizTalk

18 במאי 2008

"BizTalk" without BizTalk

Ok , with this kind of opening Title you would have a high expectations of the Article, sorry this would be short.

I'll summarize in two samples :

  1. Udi Dahan's nServiceBus is one of the most interesting thing I have come accross in the last months. Ever since he's lecture about performance considerations in building WebSites – that has caught my eye , and I've been wanting to learn more about the subject and the way of thinking on which it is based.
  2. The reason for this post is Tom Hollander's blog post on Building a Pub/Sub Message Bus with WCF and MSMQ which caught my eye just as Udi Dahan's nServiceBus did – but from a different perspective.

I encourage you all to investigate further more about the availability of Publish-Subscribe architecture on existing NON-BizTalk Architecture , I have the felling that at some point Windows Workflow Foundation would cause Microsoft to re-write completely BizTalk.

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