Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 SDK & Tools

30 במרץ 2008

Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 SDK & Tools After seeing that there is a possibility to Developing Silverlight2B1 with Visual Express ( you all know about my dotNetExpress project ) I have decided to take it ( Silverlight ) more seriously. The fact that there is a Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint ( Services ) and that Nokia is working with Microsoft to enable Silverlight in all it's mobile phones , just adhere this fact. Ok, now to the point of this article - this weekend I have decided to install the Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 Tools for VisualStudio 2008 ( it's...
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Vista SP1 and Camtasia

21 במרץ 2008

Vista SP1 and Camtasia I don't know about you , but I'm disappointed of the SP1 - why ? both camtasia 4.0 and 5.0 don't work on Vista SP1 machine ( mine anyway , vista business 32bit ) So if you're recording using Camtasia, beware before you install the SP1 - I've uninstalled mine !
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Webcast Series: SharePoint for Developers

20 במרץ 2008

Here's a nice collection of Webcast series I've come across Part 1 – SharePoint for Developers : Join the first webcast of this four-part series to find out what you need to know about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a developer. We cover the basics of SharePoint Server 2007, and we show how you can use this new product to simplify collaboration, development, and management of your software projects. Learn what it takes to set up SharePoint Server 2007, customize the master pages, and how you can use other tools to develop custom applications. Attend this session...

dotNetExpress > 1GB of Webcasts

18 במרץ 2008

I am doing a Backup of my website that contains the dotNetExpress Webcasts ( Using a small FTP Client ) - and what do you know it's more then 1GB of Data !!! 8mb here , 35mb there ... and you reach more then 1GB of WMV ! ( actually 1.2GB ) BTW, there are 3 more movies which I haven't uploaded yet because the site is in the US ! If you want to know what people see the most ( always at a growing rate ) it's : ASP.NET WebService (ASMX) - צעד ראשון, דוגמאת ה...
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ESB Guidance PPT resources

13 במרץ 2008

ESB Guidance PPT resources ESB Guidance Architects User Group Presentation PPT Best Practices For Integrated SOA Governance Automation Best Practices For Integrated SOA Governance Automation SOA-05: Building an Enterprise SOA Using ESB {Dave Chappell - Sonic, Old but good !} I'm sure there are more , so I'll update this post , or build a ESB Resources page ;)
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Moss 2007 and Designer Webcast How-To is growing

11 במרץ 2008

Moss 2007 and Designer Webcast How-To is growing MSDN > MSDN Library > Office Development > 2007 Microsoft Office System > SharePoint Server 2007 > Visual How Tos Adding Code-Behind Files to Master Pages and Page Layouts in SharePoint Server 2007 Adding Custom Quick Access Buttons to the Page Editing Toolbar in SharePoint Server 2007 Adding Excel Web Parts to Pages Programmatically in SharePoint Server 2007 Building Custom Activities for Use in SharePoint Designer 2007 Building Simple Custom Approval Workflows with InfoPath 2007 Forms Creating a Custom Search Page and Tabs in the...
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LinqToSql – C# vs VB Architecture Consideration : Cache Feature

10 במרץ 2008

LinqToSql - C# vs VB Architecture Consideration : Cache Feature One of the most common Architecture considerations when building a new Application is what is the quality of the Developers them selves - Well some of the times they are VB.NET programmers ( which I didn't say is a bad thing ). Well I had the opportunity to work with VB.NET programmers. What can I say , once in a while it happens to me too - when talking in English I'm sometimes translating a Hebrew sentence into English as is ( and I'm talking about US English !...
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9 במרץ 2008

מי שלא קופץ אדום ... מי שלא קופץ אדום..   תודה למיקרוסופט     ( אתם רואים היה כיף )   זהירות צהוב לפניך     כפול שניים     או-קי היו עוד צהובים , אבל הצבע השני לא היה כחול בחולצה       מישהו אמר XBOX ?     תמונה קבוצתית     טוב , אם יציקו לי אני אוסיף עוד פוסט , אחרת זה הולך לפליקר (;
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Silverlight Logo – Just good taste

7 במרץ 2008

Silverlight Logo - Just good taste Just a few days a go I ran into this post thoughts on silverlight logo - "default OSX wallpaper". If you'd scroll down the article you'd find the base picture for my "paper clip"   For those with an iPhone you should also have it as one of the backgrounds - Aqua Wallpapers for iPhone And here's a "live" version ( BTW notice the IE )
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Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint ( Services )

4 במרץ 2008

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint ( Services ) Yes, it was filed under MSDN > Developer Centers > Windows SharePoint ServicesIsn't it wonderful when you know that such a wonderful thing like Silverlight will be supported on WSS ( so it goes also to MOSS ) It seems that this is a S+S Blueprints which are installed into the Visual Studio environment to give developers easy access to application templates and guidance. Overview The Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint is source code and guidance for developers describing how to use Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies...
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