Visual Studio 2008, .NET Reference Source and Hwnd.cs

21 בנובמבר 2007

Visual Studio 2008, .NET Reference Source and Hwnd.cs

Ok, Ok, Ok, so we're all trying ( or all ready done ) downloading the new Visual Studio 2008 RTM for MSDN subscribers, BUT ( and this is a BIG BUT ), we all remember the Channel 9 Video, Shawn Burke : Discussing the Release of .NET Source Code from the Source Code for the .NET 3.5 Framework Libraries post, Did any one tried it yet ? No ?
Well just in case you were wondering, do you remeber something called MONO? the Free BSD (Like Unix/Linux) version ? well did you know that Novell is maintaining it's code and this one of the reasons she's ( Novell that is ) part of the CardSpace project ?
Advantages for us ? well – here it is HWND.cs before the "open source" concept of Visual Studio 2008 has arrived ( long before )
Some of you might say "What's HWND? and why this sample?", well at first it started from the fact that the first time I came accross it was here CardSpace from the other side – Novell Style, and now i'm part of a small team which works on a POC of CCF2008 at one of our customers, well due to the fact that I have experiance on Delphi , Borland C++ Builder and VisualC++ 6.0 ( MFC and ATL ) I was choosen to be one of the architects in this POC, so going back to basics, HWND ( Handle of a Window ), Pointers, malloc, alloc and the star (*) are back among my current "search words". That's when I came accross this file Hwnd.cs which as you can see ( for those who know old school ) is among other known friends, so take a look, knowing the engine might be good for you =)

So browse to, open the "class" node in the tree, scroll down, and see known namespace which you can look into

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