"Michelle (ma belle)" – Beatles

22 באוקטובר 2007

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The name Michele Leroux Bustamante (AKA "Das Blonde") always reminds me of the of the Beatles song "Michelle (ma belle)". I AM A GREAT FAN of both her book learning WCF as well as her boss's book Programming WCF Services. Well it seems that meeting the person was greater ( for me ) than hearing her WCF Webcast Series. Well what can I say – I bought the book, for two reasons at first: 1. a CardSpace ( with WCF ) book, 2. the webcast series was great. But now I have A 3rd one, the benefit of having, my own, personal edition, with signature, copy of the book ( and a photo of us both in the Presentation Resources: Tel Aviv User Group(s)) =)

All I've asked for a "small autograph" and here's what I got ( and I quote , no I didn't dictate her ) : "Dear Adlai , Very nice to meet you. You are the smartest guy in the room 🙂 enjoy the book! Michelle"


1. A great thanks goes to Maor David for taking our picture =)
2. You are more then invited to see her recent post CardSpace: How Personal Cards Protect Users

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