The schema version ( of the database sps_content_db on MOSS

26 באוקטובר 2007

The schema version ( of the database sps_content_db on MOSS I have installed the other day two patched: Security Update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 x64 Edition (KB934525)  Security Update for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 x64 (KB937832) ... which you can read about in here: Description of the security update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: October 9, 2007 The point is that after reset to the Server I got this error in the Event Log: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The schema version ( of the database spscontentdb on XSQLMOSS is not consistent with the expected database schema version ( on XMOSS.  Connections to this database...
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איזה מזל שיש מצלמה בטלפון

כן , אהה , זאת תמונה שאני כבר כמה ימים ( כמעט שבועות ) שאני שרוצה להעלות לבלוג , אבל , כל פעם שכחתי לחבר את הנייד (טלפון) לנייד (מחשב) כדי לשלוף את התמונה אז הינה - המלך העבודה מול רשות שדות התעופה (רש"ת) השתלמה רק בשביל הרגע הקטן הזה שהיה ב 03-10-2007 ב 08:43 בבוקר . כל מה שרציתי דקות ספורות לפי כן זה כוס קפה וקווראסון (חמאה) כדי להתעורר כמו שצריך עם הקפה השני שלי לבוקר ( תמיד שניים אחד ב 06:00 ואחד אח"כ בעבודה ). מה אני אגיד , שלחתי לנטאשה (שדרך אגב פתחה פה בלוג...
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מי רוצה להשקיע ?

  לא , עדיין לא פתחתי חברת השקעות, אבל , למי שחשב שהשם עדלי הוא יוצא דופן , אז הינה, גם אני רוצה מכונית חברה אשר נושאת את השם שלי , ולא עדיין אין לי מושג מה זה החברה הזאת =) , אבל אני מוכן להשקיע בה - יש לה שם ענק =)     התמונה הזו צולמה ליד משרד החוץ בירושליים .
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"Michelle (ma belle)" – Beatles

The name Michele Leroux Bustamante (AKA "Das Blonde") always reminds me of the of the Beatles song "Michelle (ma belle)". I AM A GREAT FAN of both her book learning WCF as well as her boss's book Programming WCF Services. Well it seems that meeting the person was greater ( for me ) than hearing her WCF Webcast Series. Well what can I say - I bought the book, for two reasons at first: 1. a CardSpace ( with WCF ) book, 2. the webcast series was great. But now I have A 3rd one, the benefit of having,...
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"Understanding Windows CardSpace" available on Rough Cuts

Vittorio Bertocci - WS-Trust with Chianti has announced just few days a go about First draft of the book "Understanding Windows CardSpace" available on Rough Cuts , which you can purchase from here or from amazon Here (Pre-Order). If you're looking for more info about the book, V's post would be a great place to start , but to summarize it: Preface & TOC, Rough Cut Version Overview , Amazon (Pre-Order).... and a few preview pages. Congratulation goes to Vittorio Bertocci - WS-Trust with Chianti , Garrett Serack - CardSpace...
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Windows Workflow Foundation Survey

19 באוקטובר 2007

Paul Andrew has just started a new What Workflow Activities Work For You? survey on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)   to help Microsoft decide how to invest and prioritize their future activities.  They have rolled out a survey about on current and future usage of WF Activities, and the areas where people would like to see.
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Crystal Reports Redistributable Runtime

15 באוקטובר 2007

Some of us ( not me , i'm more a SSRS ) still use Crystal Reports as a platform for reporting :'( , so if you're looking for the runtime ( without installing VS ), here are the links: Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package (x64) Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package (ia64) From Business Objects' WebSite comes:Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005 Walkthroughs ...which in the end helped me in the x64 bit by specifying that C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Crystal Reports\CRRedist\X64\CRRedist2005_x64.msiAnd/Or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\BootStrapper\Packages\CrystalReports\CRRedist2005_x86 Which helped me in the...
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EntLib vNext

14 באוקטובר 2007

It seems that the Enterprise Library is alive ( and Tom Hollander is taking care of that - What do you want to see in EntLib vNext? ). Any way most of us are waiting impatiently to the new release of VS2008 ( and now also to the equal EntLib 4.0 vNext ). For those who haven't yet got their hands dirty in LINQ, david maor ( BTW great BG ) has made a VERY nice article on Query XML using XLINQ, I have a feeling he'll do wonders on the subject (LINQ).
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