Sharepoint Extensions for Visual Studio [VSeWSS] 1.1 CTP

29 באוגוסט 2007

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Being more a MOSS programmer than a administrator, the announcement (Announcing the CTP for VSeWSS Version 1.1) of the release of the VSeWSS CTP by the Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog is something important to me.

Note: This CTP is for evaluation only – it's not recommended for use in production systems.

What's New in VSeWSS 1.1?

  • WSP View, aka "Solution Package editing"
  • New Item Templates:
    • "List Instance" project item
    • "List Event Handler" project item
    • "_layout file" project item
  • Faster F5 speed
  • Many bug fixes

for more info read the article Announcing the CTP for VSeWSS Version 1.1

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