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29 במאי 2007

Finaly it's here, The Microsoft ESB Guidance. This guidance CTP1 will provide architectural guidance, patterns, practices, and a set of BizTalk Server and .NET components to simplify the development of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) on the Microsoft platform and to allow Microsoft customers to extend their own messaging and integration solutions.

Microsoft Windows Vista 30-Day Eval VHD

Not all of us have Vista installed on our home and/or office computer for different reasons, regardless Microsoft Windows Vista 30-Day Eval VHD will enable you to test things without the need for liecence. Personaly i'm currently playing with new technologies on the Win2008 Beta3. But for those with less RAM, this option looks like the best option. This is really designed for large organizations who would typically be interested in buying , or testing their WebApplication on that platform ( just like with the XP VHD with IE6 and IE7 ).
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MOSS 2007 going visual on a screen near you

28 במאי 2007

MSDN has recently understood the real meaning of gettingthier examples to the visual level - VIDEO Here's ones that I came accross  MOSS2007 Visual How To Creating a Custom Search Page and Tabs in the Search Center of SharePoint Server Creating and Exposing Managed Properties in the Advanced Search Page of SharePoint Server Enterprise Search Creating and Exposing Search Scopes in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search Creating Business Data Catalog Entities in SharePoint Server 2007 Creating Content Sources to Crawl Business Data in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search Creating Managed-Code UDFs for Excel Services Enabling Users to Act on LOB Data...

Enterprise Library 3.1 – May 2007

25 במאי 2007

OK it's official,  you can start Download Enterprise Library 3.1 May 2007 Edition. Here are a few aspects of the new version: Policy Injection Application Block The default Remoting Policy Injector can now be replaced with alternative interception mechanisms via configuration without modifying the application block code Call Handler attributes are now honored correctly when placed on interface methods Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate handlers where matching rules matched both a class and its interface Classes implementing COM interfaces (including those deriving from System.Windows.Forms.Form) can now be intercepted TraceLogEntry class is now serializable, allowing it to be used with the MSMQ...

Synchronization Services for ADO.NET Orcas Beta1

20 במאי 2007

This was bound to happen at some stage: Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET. The package uses the SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 to deliver it's ability to provide synchronization of data from disparate sources over two-tier, N-tier, and service-based architectures.The Synchronization Services API, which is modeled after the ADO.NET data access APIs, gives an intuitive way to synchronize data over tiers.The Synchronization Services for ADO.NET requires ADO.NET 2.0 on the client and server.For more info goto: Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET Orcas Beta1 release
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Silverlight and Reflector

Ernie has started to build a plugin for Lutz Roeder's Reflector.The plug in will enable to View Source .NET Silverlight Sites using the Reflector tool. The PlugIn is still in it's Alpha 0.1 edition, and as such the PlugIn is still in development - but keep in mind to check from time to time the site for updates. Reflector can already be used to view Silverlight v1.1 CLR assemblies, but this plug-in enables you to look at the code for any Silverlight app (managed or javascript) simply by providing the URL. 
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כשאדם נכנס למכונה

19 במאי 2007

אני לא יודע לכמה ממכם זה קרה, אבל לפני שנים רבות איבדתי חברה, אשר יצאתי איתה חצי שנה, לטובת משחק ( מאז אני נזהר ). המשחק היה Starcraft של חברת Blizzard - הנקודה היא שסופסוף עומד לצאת Starcraft2. המחשק הינו משחק אסטרטגיה בחלל ובכך הוא מאחד שני אספקטים אהובים עלי ביותר - מדע בדיוני ואסטרטגיה. אני ממתין להתחלה ....
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RS2000 popup

18 במאי 2007

I've search my second blog for a trick I did a long time a go: popup / drilltrough for RS2000, well Id didn't find it so here's the code: in the navigate URL  you put an ASP/APSX pagewhich has the following <script>window.open('MyNewPopup.aspx?'<%Request.QueryString.ToString() %>','','width=250,height=100');history.go(-1);</script> this is a sample which has worked for me as a walkaround from the RS2000in the MyNewPopup.aspx i've used an IFrame to show the subreport. for a simpler option in SSRS2005 here's How to create a hyperlink in Reporting Services that opens in a new window
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ASP.NET / Silverlight May 2007 ("Futures") release

17 במאי 2007

Microsoft ASP.NET Futures (May 2007) download contains an early developer preview of features providing a wide range of new functionality for both ASP.NET and Silverlight. What’s in the Futures Release? ASP.NET Futures includes a number of new, innovative solutions that help developers become more productive and enables them to create better user experiences for their customers. Features include: ASP.NET AJAX Futures The new release includes support for managing browser history (Back button support), selecting elements by CSS selectors or classes, and information on accessing "Astoria" Web data services which can be downloaded from the CTP download. Silverlight Controls for ASP.NET You can integrate the rich...
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