Longhorn Beta3 Evaluation

26 באפריל 2007

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Just in case you didn't realy read the article i've pointed in my previous post
here's another link:

Evaluate the Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" Public Beta3 today

.. and i'm stuck at work 🙁

Product Editions:

Windows Server "Longhorn" Standard Edition
This edition of Windows Server "Longhorn" provides key server functionality across most server roles and features. It includes both full and Server Core installation options.

Windows Server "Longhorn" Enterprise Edition
This edition builds on Windows Server "Longhorn" Standard Edition to provide greater scalability and availability, and adds enterprise technologies such as Failover Clustering and Active Directory Federation Services.

Windows Server "Longhorn" Datacenter Edition
This edition offers the same functionality as Windows Server "Longhorn" Enterprise Edition with support for additional memory and processors, and unlimited virtual image use rights.

Windows Web Server "Longhorn"
This edition is designed specifically for use as a web and applications server. Other server roles and the Server Core installation option are not available in this edition.

Windows Server "Longhorn" for Itanium-based Systems
This edition is designed for use with Intel Itanium 64-bit processors to provide web and applications server functionality on that platform. Other server roles and features may not be available

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