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30 באפריל 2007

Just read the On Books (WPF and Otherwise) from don box.The point in the end was a quote from petzold: “I know what I'm doing. I've been writing books like this for 20 years.” and i'm thinking about the Win32 Book he wrote. I haven't yet read his new book, but it seems that the code review should have work harder. I have great respect to petzold's books and each and every one of them that I came accross saved me in time of need.For me Adam Nathan is more known for his .NET and COM book which for me was...
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April update to WSS 3.0 SDK

What's new in the April update of the WSS 3.0 Online SDK:Conceptual sections: Content Migration Change Log and Synchronizing Applications Creating Declarative, No-Code Workflow Editors Procedural topics: How to: Create a Custom Field Type and Field Control How To: Extend the STSADM Utility Schema reference topics for the following schemas: Content Migration XML Schema Reference: Contains over 180 element topics that detail the eight migration schemas Workflow Configuration Schema Expanded reference in the following namespaces: Microsoft.SharePoint Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment Microsoft.SharePoint.EmailIntegration Microsoft.SharePoint.Navigation Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls Microsoft.SharePoint.StsAdmin Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow Expanded reference for the following Web Services: Authentication Web Service Copy Web Service This update also includes numerous updates and revisions to existing SDK content.
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Architect ? Design Patterns

A friend of mine asked me the other day: "What do you think is best? Software Architect or Project Manager? One is software oriented, while the other is more people oriented" the point is that both need to know about software design patterns.The architect has to know design patterns for obvious reasons, while the PM needs to know it in order to identify whether the architect's design is too far fetch or that design would help him in phase 2 of the project.For those who've been in the software industry for some time, we might remeber some thing called DNA, and not from the biological...
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Longhorn Beta3 Evaluation

Just in case you didn't realy read the article i've pointed in my previous posthere's another link: Evaluate the Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" Public Beta3 today.. and i'm stuck at work :( Product Editions: Windows Server "Longhorn" Standard EditionThis edition of Windows Server "Longhorn" provides key server functionality across most server roles and features. It includes both full and Server Core installation options.Windows Server "Longhorn" Enterprise EditionThis edition builds on Windows Server "Longhorn" Standard Edition to provide greater scalability and availability, and adds enterprise technologies such as Failover Clustering and Active Directory Federation Services.Windows Server "Longhorn" Datacenter EditionThis edition offers...
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SPS Search going to the next level

CAML.NET is a codeplex based project that uses the .NET language-based tools for creating dynamic, reusable CAML query components. The toolset uses the power and flexibility of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) to build CAML queries dynamically in code while preserving the syntactic structure of the native CAML language. Published Advantages are: Avoids hand-editing of literal XML strings in your code. Eliminates query failures caused by typos and improper casing of elements and attributes. Each query component is processed as a separate statement with strongly-typed parameters. Operator and method overloading greatly simplifies the raw CAML schema. Enables the use...
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