Warning – SQL 2005 maintenance plans and MOSS2007/SPS2003

28 במרץ 2007

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Most of us have installed our MOSS 2007 with Sql Server 2005 as it's main Database. Not only that, but some of us have done the right thing and added a maintenance plan that runs against these databases. One of the common checked options of these plans is: ReBuild Indexes task.
Apparently, when you runs this as a task in a maintenance plan (as opposed to an executed T-SQL statement) the task leaves the index option "ignore duplicate values" unchecked. It seems that the next time a full crawl was initiated, the SQL server process and the msSearch processes proceeded to consume ALL of the RAM and nearly the entire PageFile.
Incremental crawls are unaffected by this issue – only full crawls trigger the degraded performance.
Microsoft KB: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/930887/en-us
MSDN Forums: SQL Server 2005 sp2 and maintenance plan (bug)

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  1. Jorge28 ביולי 2012 ב 9:49

    I went through some of your vioeds over youtube and found them very informative and educational. I have kick started the process of learning InfoPath forms and integrating them with sharepoint workflow using your youtube vioeds.Thanks for all the hard work. Will keep watching more and keep learning .Brijesh