Warning – SQL 2005 maintenance plans and MOSS2007/SPS2003

28 במרץ 2007

Most of us have installed our MOSS 2007 with Sql Server 2005 as it's main Database. Not only that, but some of us have done the right thing and added a maintenance plan that runs against these databases. One of the common checked options of these plans is: ReBuild Indexes task. Apparently, when you runs this as a task in a maintenance plan (as opposed to an executed T-SQL statement) the task leaves the index option "ignore duplicate values" unchecked. It seems that the next time a full crawl was initiated, the SQL server process and the msSearch processes proceeded...
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Ajax – Basic Info articles/papers

Just ran into to articles about Ajax written by Todd Anglin from Telerik. These articles are The Ajax Papers Part I: The Intro and the Basics, which can be downloaded as a PDF version, and The Ajax Papers Part II: Updating the Page, which also can be downloaded as a PDF version. But in both cases I highly recommend going to the link it self and look if there's a third article :-) .
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New ASP.NET AJAX "How Do I?" Videos

24 במרץ 2007

I know they have been there for quite some time ( over a week , I think ) ,and "new" isn't exctly the right word of choice , but heck here are a few new "How Do I?" Videos : #27: Get Started with the ASP.NET AJAX Animation Extender Control (20 min) #28: Implement the AJAX Incremental Page Display Pattern (11 min) #29: Use the ASP.NET AJAX ConfirmButton Extender (3 min) #30: Implement the Incremental Page Display Pattern using HTTP GET and POST? (19 min) #31: Use the ASP.NET AJAX Slider Control (10 min)
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22 במרץ 2007

The LINQ project is the ".NET Language Integrated Query" from the "The LINQ Project" , Don Box September 2005:".NET Language Integrated Query defines a set of general-purpose standard query operators that allow traversal, filter, and projection operations to be expressed in a direct yet declarative way in any .NET-based programming language. The standard query operators allow queries to be applied to any IEnumerable<T>-based information source. LINQ allows third parties to augment the set of standard query operators with new domain-specific operators that are appropriate for the target domain or technology. More importantly, third parties are also free to replace...
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Not pThreads

14 במרץ 2007

The last time that I dealt with threads ( oy ) was in the University , both in my first and 2nd degree. In both cases the subject was dealt on the Unix Platform - In CPP and in Java, in both cases the threads were pThreads. On windows , on the other hand each time I meet a Windows GURU ( Both of them were Borland based - Delphi 6.0 & C++Builder 5.0 ) each and every one of them told me "If you can avoid using threads, do so !" . That's one of the reasons I love...
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